The Painful Meaning Behind Demi Lovato’s Latest Tattoo

Demi Lovato is a former Disney Channel star who has gone on to create a very unique, successful career all her own. As popular as Lovato’s music has been with her legions of fans, her personal life has been notably difficult. She has experienced a long battle with substance abuse, been through multiple relationships, and dealt with a lot of social media drama.

Throughout every phase of her life, Lovato has documented her struggles through tattoos. Recently, Lovato visited the tattoo shop yet again for an especially personal tattoo, one that is meant to signify one of Lovato’s most difficult trials. Keep reading to learn about Lovato’s love of tattoos, her struggle with substance abuse, and what her latest tattoo is meant to represent.

How many tattoos does Demi Lovato have?

Demi Lovato speaking at the Teen Vogue Summit 2019
Demi Lovato | Rich Fury/Getty Images for Teen Vogue

Demi Lovato has a great many tattoos, and while the exact number isn’t known, it is estimated that she has close to thirty. Most of Lovato’s tattoos are really small and are hidden, but fans have been able to note many of them over the years. Many of the tattoos are small words or phrases, including the phrase “You Make Me Beautiful” written on her side, the word “Peace” on her finger, “Faith” on her elbow, “Rock N Roll” on another finger, “Let Go & Let God” on her feet, “Free” on another finger, and “Stay Strong” on her wrists.

The singer also has a fondness for delicate imagery when it comes to her tattoos. She has a cross tattoo on her hand, a feather behind her ear, a small outline of Africa, a rose on her forearm, a lion on the back of her hand, a smiley face on her finger, and a flock of birds on her arm. 

Demi Lovato’s substance abuse journey

Many of Lovato’s tattoos pay tribute to the tough times in her life and serve as reminders of her own strength and resilience. She has a long history of substance abuse and recovery, starting in 2009 when she reportedly started drinking and trying drugs. In 2010, when Lovato was only eighteen years old, she checked into rehab for treatment.

She checked out of rehab in April 2011 and revealed later that during her time in treatment, she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Still, her time in rehab hadn’t completely cured Lovato of her drug addiction, and she admitted that she continued to drink and use drugs for the next several years, before checking into a sober facility in 2013. This time, Lovato found success and celebrated five years of sobriety in early 2018 before relapsing again later that year. She was able to bring herself back from the serious relapse and is reportedly sober again. 

What is her latest tattoo?

In mid-December, it was reported that Lovato added a new tattoo to her collection. Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo shared an image of the tattoo that he had done on Lovato, a delicately inscribed word that reads “survivor” done on the base of her neck. The tattoo is likely a symbol of her sobriety journey and of all the difficult times she’s survived.

Her then-boyfriend Austin Wilson (who, like Lovato, has a fondness for body ink) also got a tattoo from Dr. Woo, sharing snaps to social media. However, only days after the session, Lovato and Wilson reportedly broke up. While neither has spoken out regarding the reason for their split, sources say that Lovato is looking to focus only on herself as she goes into the New Year. 

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