Banned Phrases from ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Show

The Pioneer Woman’s Ree Drummond enjoys coming on the show each week and speaking to her television audience. It’s as if she’s right in your home, guiding you through one of her butter-filled concoctions. Although she has a good time cooking and talking about the latest family news or recipe tricks, there are some things the accidental country girl can’t say on the show. Here are the phrases Ree Drummond is not allowed to say on The Pioneer Woman show.  

Why Ree Drummond has banned phrases

Ree Drummond with Property Brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott| Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Hearst
Ree Drummond with Property Brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott| Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Hearst

Your first question might be why The Pioneer Woman’s Ree Drummond has a list of banned phrases. During an interview with Delish, she said she bans herself from saying certain phrases because as a viewer of the Food Network she used to get irritated when she heard chefs say the same things repeatedly. She noticed the hosts weren’t aware they kept repeating themselves. Later on, she vowed not to make the same mistake. “I actually watched Food Network back when I was having babies, back in the late ’90s. Every now and then, you pick up on a repetitive phrase, and you wonder, ‘Why don’t they hear themselves saying that?’ Now, I have a book of repetitive phrases. I have banned phrases for myself,” she said.

Ree Drummond’s banned phrases

Some of Drummond’s banned phrases include:

My absolute favorite

Drummond told Delish she does not allow herself to say “my absolute favorite” during the filming of The Pioneer Woman. The Food Network host has a good reason why she doesn’t say everything is her “absolute favorite.” She told the publication that when you really think about it, that phrase can’t be true. “Not everything can be my favorite, but for some reason, everything is on my show,” said Drummond. Instead of saying that phrase when she likes something, she has an alternative way to describe something she likes. “When I love something, I just say it’s my favorite,” Drummond told Delish.    

Absolutely scrumptious

Apparently, Drummond is passionate about a lot things related to her show. The next word she banned herself from saying is similar to the one mentioned above. A close cousin of “my absolute favorite” is “absolutely scrumptious.” Drummond generally tries to stay away from saying “absolutely.” It seems like the Food Network star likes to emphasize her likes and dislikes. Drummond’s passion comes through when she gets really excited about one of her recipes while speaking to her audience.


Another habit Drummond says she has is saying the word “just” often. She admitted to Delish she puts the word in front of phrases a lot. For example, Drummond said she will say “I’m just gonna,” or “’I’m just gonna stir.” Other times she will blurt out, “I’m just gonna add.” Drummond said she tries to remain aware of what she says on camera. “I’m my own worst critic,” she told Delish.

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