‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Reveals Her Daughter’s Updated Wedding Plans

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is about to become a mother-in-law very soon. She’s continuing to count down the days until her daughter Alex is married to Mauricio Scott. The Food Network star gave all the details about the upcoming nuptials.

Alex will get married on the Drummond ranch

Ree Drummond on the Today show | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Ree Drummond on the Today show | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

After careful consideration, Alex decided it would be best to get married on the Drummond ranch, according to The Pioneer Woman website. She considered a few other venues but decided the ranch was best since it’s where she grew up and there are so many memories there.

Drummond says she hopes the weather will hold up because they plan to hold the wedding outdoors. “The wedding will be outdoors under an open tent, so there’ll be plenty of fresh air and hopefully lots of stars in the sky!” wrote Drummond. She mentioned that Oklahoma weather can be unpredictable, so she’s keeping her fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

The wedding colors and cake were chosen

Alex has most of the wedding details down, including the colors. She decided to go with pink and blue for the celebration. However, she makes it clear she isn’t using pastel shades like you would typically see during a gender reveal party.

“Our colors are blues and pinks but not pastel, gender reveal party vibes,” said Alex on The Pioneer Woman website. “I try to clarify that, because it’s not like pastel blue and pastel pink. It’s pretty bright pinks and blues. Y’all will see! We’re going to have lots of flowers.”

Another important detail, the cake, has been finalized. Alex will have two cakes at the wedding. There will be a regular wedding cake and a groom’s cake. The larger wedding cake will be white with flower details. A local bakery was chosen for the big day.

“We’re doing a big wedding cake and a groom’s cake, and so the wedding cake is just going to be a tall white cake with flowers down it and it’s going to be half vanilla, half strawberry,” says Alex. “We sampled the flavors and they’re so good. Shoutout to Amycakes, she’s doing our cake. She’s based out of Oklahoma City and her cake is amazing.”

A band was selected

Alex and Mauricio have pinned down their wedding band. It can be tough to pick a band when different people attending your wedding enjoy different types of music, but Alex and Mauricio found a solution to that problem. Drummond says the band they chose will play a mixture of music that Alex, Mauricio, and the families of the bride and groom like to listen to.

Alex found the ‘perfect’ dress

Alex found the perfect dress for her wedding, according to Drummond. If you want to see the dress, you’re out of luck, the Accidental Country Girl doesn’t want to ruin the surprise for Scott, so she decided not to post any photos before the wedding.

“I can’t show you any more photos right now, but I can tell you that Alex found the perfect wedding dress, and we all loved it unanimously,” wrote Drummond. “It was (I believe) the fourth dress she tried on, and we knew almost instantly that it was the one.”

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