‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Just Alluded She’s Trying to Lose Weight on Her Instagram

There are plenty of Food Network stars we know and love, but we have a special place in our heart for The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. From her home on the ranch to her delicious cooking, fans adore Drummond’s stories of how she went from desiring to live in the big city to moving to a completely rural area. And while we all know and love her cooking show, it’s her candidness about farm living with her husband and four kids that got her noticed with her Pioneer Woman blog.

We love Drummond’s candidness on and off the air, and it seems she just shared with her Instagram followers that she’s been trying to lose a few pounds. Here’s what she just posted about her physique.

Ree Drummond has discussed her eating habits before

While plenty of cooks have tried to lighten up their recipes, Drummond isn’t afraid of the full-fat versions of her favorite foods. She just released her latest cookbook, The New Frontier, which has plenty of delicious recipes involving butter and oil. And while Drummond no longer desires to be the tiny size she once was when she was a ballerina, she has discussed her various tactics for maintaining her weight in the past.

Taste of Home notes Drummond shared a trick for keeping slim in a blog entry from 2012 — and it involved going all-out for lunch while keeping the rest of her meals small. In the morning, Drummond noted she’d drink a Slim Fast shake with instant coffee and sugar substitute, and she’d also eat lighter at night.

As for why she wanted to lose weight, she noted she didn’t want to “drive to the city to try on larger jeans. I’ll lose weight in order to stay home and be reclusive.” And she also had “a jowl I didn’t have ten pounds ago.”

She just talked about losing weight on her recent Instagram post

It seems weight loss is once again on the brain five years after that blog post. Drummond posted a photo of her wearing skin-tight jeans with a long, flowing top that she took outside of an elevator. “These jeans are a size smaller than I’ve worn for (quite) awhile and even though they were skin tight (as you can probably see) and a long top was required, they buttoned,” she captioned her post.

So, how did Drummond drop a few pounds? She went on to explain that when she goes to watch her TV show of choice, she makes herself exercise at the same time. “I attribute this to spending the last month only allowing myself to watch a show I’ve been wanting to watch (one that I’m not going to trivialize by inserting it into this fashion and fitness post) if I did so on my rowing machine. It just took two full seasons for the buttoning to be successful,” she continued.

Fans are asking Drummond if she’s dieting, too

Ree Drummond speaks onstage at Hearst Magazines' Unbound Access MagFront at Hearst Tower
Ree Drummond speaks onstage at Hearst Magazines’ Unbound Access MagFront at Hearst Tower | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hearst

Drummond established that she’s been adding some regular exercise into her routine lately, but fans are prying further into her weight loss plan. “What diet plan are you on? You look great,” one follower questioned on the photo she posted. To that, Drummond noted, “I’m not really dieting. I’m tackling it with almost daily exercise and trying to watch portions. Still have quite a ways to go, but it’s a doable path for me if I can just keep finding shows I love to watch.”

Many others praised Drummond for her look, too, though given when she’s written in the past, it seems weight loss has been on the brain for years. And we’re happy to hear she’s not dieting, as we all love her recipes and are excited to try the brand new ones in The New Frontier!

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