‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Had a Proud Mom Moment and Fans Are Loving It

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond isn’t shy about praising her children on social media. She often posts heartfelt messages about them and updates her fans on what they’re up to. Drummond’s sons play football, so she takes a moment to post photos now and then. Recently, Drummond joked she was in a “proud football mom” stage and that she was getting obnoxious. She asked her fans to bear with her as she publicly doted on her sons. Here’s what Drummond shared and how her fans reacted.

Ree Drummond with her family | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine
Ree Drummond with her family | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Ree Drummond’s Instagram post

Drummond posted a sweet message about her sons Bryce and Todd, and how proud she is of them. Since they play football, she often attends their games and posts photos. Drummond jokingly asked her fans to try to hang in there as she gushes over her children and expresses her football mom pride. Drummond posted a photo of one of her sons running across the football field along with this sweet message:

Please continue to love me through this obnoxious Proud Football Mom stage of my life. I can’t suppress it. Uh oh…it’s happening again…here goes: GO BRYCE, GO TODD, GO HUSKIES!!!!  (Photo: Debbie Formby)

Fans understood how Ree Drummond feels about her sons’ accomplishments

Although Drummond asked her fans to “continue to love” her, they didn’t seem annoyed at all. One fan said she completely understood what Drummond was feeling because two of her children played football. “I had 2/3 of my boys play high school and college football. I get you,” posted one of her followers. Another joked Drummond’s sons are so good at football because they’ve been working so hard on the ranch. “It’s all that great ranch hard work–perfect for a budding, outstanding athlete with incredible drive and values!”

Ree Drummond’s fans said it’s perfectly OK to be a proud mom

Many of Drummond’s followers praised her for giving a little shout-out to her children. One follower said the Food Network star has nothing to be ashamed of and she should feel free to celebrate Todd and Bryce. “You go mom, and don’t you dare be ashamed of it for a second! Go Bryce! Go Todd! Go Huskies! I’m not, in any way affiliated with the Huskies franchise. I just purely enjoy another mom celebrating her son.”

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