Why ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Was Hesitant to Launch Her Product Lines

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond has enjoyed success as the head of a growing empire. Her brand is seen online and in departments stores. Although Drummond’s brand is popular and growing each year, there was a time when she shied away from launching her own lines. Here’s why the Food Network star waited so long to extend her brand.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s products

Ree Drummond | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for LA Times
Ree Drummond | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for LA Times

Drummond has many product lines. Her products include The Pioneer Woman magazine, a cookbook series, a children’s book series, a cookware line with Walmart, a dog food line with Purina, and a line of sauces and dips with Kraft Heinz. Drummond also has a Barbie doll modeled after her.

Ree Drummond’s first love is blogging

Drummond discussed her rise to fame during the 2013 BlogHer conference. During that conference, the host asked Drummond why she tuned down so many opportunities to collaborate on product lines. Drummond said she wanted to stick to what she knew. At the time, her primary specialty was blogging. This is no surprise, considering her writing talent helped make The Pioneer Woman blog so popular and eventually led to her cooking show on Food Network.

Ree Drummond explains why she hesitated to launch product lines

The BlogHer host mentioned she and Drummond have spoken about her writing and how important it is to her. The host also asked Drummond to explain her reason for not pursuing product lines at the time. “One of the things you’ve said to me over the years consistently is how important your writing is. And I’ve asked you many times why it is and how you have turned down so many of the offers you’ve had to do every little thing. Every time you have just said, ‘no.’ Can you talk about why and the clarity of how you get to that?” asked the host. This is what Drummond had to say back in 2013 about her reason for declining offers to launch product lines:

I’ve had a sense from the beginning that I don’t want to do something that I am not equipped to do. And I feel like I know blogging. I feel like I can blog. I’m still learning new things, but I feel comfortable. I can write cookbooks; I’ve got that process down and I really enjoy it. As I’ve said, I’m not quite the TV expert on camera, but I prefer to be behind the scenes. But when it comes to launching product lines, or merchandising, it honestly just isn’t in my wheelhouse. And I don’t have the proverbial team around me that I can just say ‘do this’ and it happens. I have very limited time to get the things done that I do, and still raise my kids and make sure I’m tucking them in at night. It’s really on a practical level that I haven’t done that. I just haven’t really had time.

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