‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s 1 Must-Have Kitchen Essential

Ree Drummond, Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman, certainly knows her way around a kitchen and is popular among her fans for creating homey family-sized meals that are filling and delicious.

Ree Drummond of 'The Pioneer Woman'
Ree Drummond of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

The celebrity chef’s kitchen is filled with every kind of appliance for whipping up, sauteing, braising, broiling, and blending. She recently revealed the one kitchen essential she relies on more than any other item.

Find out what she can’t live without in her kitchen and we’ll also take a look at her latest offerings at Walmart.

Her trademark recipes

Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman has been on the Food Network since 2011 and has made so many easy-to-make recipes that every family can enjoy. From Shrimp and Grits to Fall-Off-the-Bone Slow Cooker Glazed Ribs to Peachy Pancakes, the beloved chef has something for everyone.

Delish asked Drummond what her biggest baking fail has been. The 50-year-old answered in her typically authentic fashion, “Probably my biggest fail was less of a baking fail and more of a dessert fail. I made green tea ice cream from scratch. … I didn’t know this, but I hadn’t shut my freezer all the way. I opened the freezer and not only was everything in the freezer ruined — beef and everything — but I had this sludge to serve my guests. It was good-tasting sludge, but it wasn’t that beautiful green ice cream I had imagined.”

The Pioneer Woman offers prepared entrees at Walmart

The Food Network star announced last year she would be selling prepared foods, packaged under The Pioneer Woman name, only at Walmart, where she also sells her cookware and home decor items. Available in the refrigerated section, the meals consist of the favorite recipes her fans know and love.

Customers can choose from smothered chicken, fried chicken, country-fried steak, or bacon meatloaf. There are also side dishes, including varieties of mashed potatoes, along with a four-cheese mac and cheese.

Drummond said in a statement, “My number one goal with my new line of entrees and sides is to give folks a taste of my family’s favorite dishes, all ready to heat and serve,” says Drummond in a press release. “For those times you’re rushed or just don’t have time to prep and cook food from scratch…this is the next best thing!”

Drummond’s 1 must-have kitchen essential

The chef’s must-have in the kitchen? A flat, very sharp-edged spatula.

“It’s technically a fish spatula, but I don’t use it for fish,” Drummond told House Beautiful this month. “It’s the best thing ever—you can scrape the bottom of the skillet with it, you can deep-fry things and [use it to] pull it out and strain it. It’s my favorite,” she said.

If someone like Drummond is telling us she likes these spatulas, it’s worth listening considering how much time she spends cooking. The food blogger loves these spatulas so much that she keeps several tucked away in her kitchen.

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