‘The Politician’: Ranking the Fiercest Female Characters in Season 2

Season 2 of The Politician premiered on Netflix on June 19, 2020. The TV series focuses on a different political election each season with Payton Hobart at the center. Season 1 showed Payton running for student body president in high school, and the second season was about his run for a seat in the New York State Senate. While Payton is the main character, The Politician also tells the story of multiple powerful women.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Politician.]

The Politician
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7. Astrid Sloan is figuring herself out

In Season 1 of The Politician, Astrid was Payton’s nemesis. The second season starts with Astrid helping Payton’s team with the state senate race. However, she feels underappreciated and is briefly convinced to act as a mole for Payton’s opponent, Dede Standish.

Given Astrid’s absent parents and the death of her boyfriend River in Season 1, Astrid’s need for validation makes sense. By the end of Season 2, she is much more sure of herself, but she still has a lot of growing to do.

6. Infinity Jackson is super positive in ‘The Politician’

Despite everything she went through in Season 1, Infinity still remains one of the show’s most positive characters. After suffering from Munchausen By Proxy from her grandmother poisoning her and convincing her she had cancer, Infinity wrote a tell-all book about her experience.

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By the second season, she has used her fame to become a climate change activist. Infinity helps Payton’s campaign by supporting his climate change platform. While she always has an optimistic attitude and good intentions, Infinity has no qualms about doing something illegal if it is for a good cause. At the end of Season 2, Infinity and her climate change group steal a ballot box to try and guarantee Payton’s win.

5. McAfee Westbrook is ambitious

Payton is known for his ambition, but so are his friends, in particular McAfee and James. McAfee graduated from Columbia University in three years, and she was a double major in Political Science and Statistics.

She is the one who kick-starts Payton’s campaign after briefly working as an intern for Dede’s team and seeing that Payton could have a chance at winning. Not only is McAfee incredibly intelligent, she is perhaps the most ambitious campaign staffer.

4. Skye Leighton brings common sense to the group in ‘The Politician’

While Skye is ambitious like the rest of the characters in The Politician, she is the most level-headed friend of Payton’s by far. Skye works hard without letting work rule her life.

She pushes Payton to be a better person by making sure he is doing his part to save the planet while advocating for climate change reform. When Payton is accused of cultural appropriation, she educates the campaign staff and holds Payton accountable, but she also still supports him as a friend.

3. Alice Charles goes through a lot of growth in ‘The Politician’

Viewers did not get to know Alice very well in the first season, in part because her main role was playing Payton’s girlfriend. Because she does not know who she really is, she throws all of her energy into helping Payton succeed.

In Season 2, however, she realizes she needs to focus on herself, and she briefly breaks up with Payton. After taking some time apart, she decides she wants to go to medical school, and she reconnects with Payton. At the end of the season, Alice is both in medical school and a doting mom to her and Payton’s son.

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2. What would ‘The Politician’ be without Georgina Hobart?

Payton is the main character of The Politician, but he is frequently upstaged by his mom, Georgina. Unorthodox and loving, Georgina wins over every room she is in and moves from one affair to the next. As Payton is running for state senate, Georgina decides to run for governor of California.

She wins in a landslide because of her free-spirited nature and the fact she says whatever is on her mind. Georgina sets her eyes on the presidency and once again wins, making her the most iconic character in the entire show.

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1. Hadassah Gold and Dede Standish are a dream team

In Season 2 of The Politician, Haddasah and Dede brought life to the show as rivals to Payton and his friends. Hadassah is loyal and career-driven, but she is also confident and a strong strategist.

Dede proved to be a formidable opponent to Payton. She is sure of herself, hardworking, and actually cares about the people she is representing. After seeing how inspired people were to vote for Payton and hearing about his plans, Dede concedes the race because she knows Payton is better for the job.