The Project Constance Wu Was ‘Literally Crying’ About Because of the Renewal of ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

Earlier this year, Constance Wu expressed her utter disappointment on Twitter at the sixth-season renewal of her ABC sitcom, Fresh Off The Boat. Fans and followers were confused at her remarks.

Wu sent out a number of profane tweets complaining about what seemed to be pretty good news, surely, to the rest of the FOTB cast.

Constance Wu
Constance Wu | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh, F***. F***ing hell.”

Almost right away, Wu was criticized on social media. Even late-night host Jimmy Kimmel made the comment that “Only on ABC is getting your show picked up the worst thing that can happen to you.” 

Find out which project Wu had to give up to honor her commitment to FOTB, as well as about another person connected with the sitcom who did not love it.

How Wu originally felt about ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

Wu was interviewed by Deadline in 2015 about her role as FOTB author Eddie Huang’s mother, Jessica Huang. At the time, she expressed pride and excitement about the new role.

“[Jessica] is not perfect—she’s loud and she’s reactive and she kind of doesn’t accept any way but her own. …I also made sure when I was creating the character to really play the areas in which she had vulnerability. It helps her escape from a stereotype.”

Constance Wu and Randall Park on the set of ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ | Nicole Wilder/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

She also told Entertainment Weekly the same year, “To have a show that, instead of choosing to neutralize [the show’s ‘Asian-ness’], celebrates Asian-ness and makes it a story worth being told is beyond anything I’ve ever expected to get from my career.”

‘Fresh Off The Boat’ author Eddie Huang also had negative comments about the show

Eddie Huang, the author of the book that Fresh Off The Boat is based on, initially provided narration for the first season of the show. After the first season, he grew disenchanted with the show, to say the least.

He told New York magazine in 2015 that ABC had turned his memoir into “a reverse-yellowface show with universal white stories played out by Chinamen.”

‘Fresh Off The Boat’ author Eddie Huang | Brad Barket/Getty Images for Ozy Fusion Fest 2017

The following year, however, he seemed to come around a bit and softened his stance on the show.

“[The show] has done a lot not just for Asian Americans but people of color in America,” he told TV Insider in 2016. “It started a very important conversation…That’s what I’m most proud of. I can’t be proud of the show because I don’t watch it…I don’t think the show needs me, nor do I need to be a part of the show…It’s hard in the beginning but you live with the decision you make.”

The project Constance Wu had to give up

In the end, even after her Twitter rant, Wu had to put aside the project she had been looking forward to working on.

The project she turned down was a play, Wu told Variety in September. “I grew up in theater, so that’s home for me. You know what I mean? And a lot of people had told me, ‘Oh, yeah, [FOTB is] not going to get picked up.’”

“This play I wanted to do, my heart was so in it. And so for just a moment of heat, which we all have, I got upset that I couldn’t do the play. But if you look at any of my tweets for the past six years about ‘Fresh Off the Boat,’ I love it and I love those kids and I love the crew. And it’s just a really peaceful, happy job that I’m really lucky to have.”

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