The ‘Quiet Place’ Writers Have a New Horror Movie Out This Week

A Quiet Place captured audiences with its brilliant premise. As long as you’re silent, the monsters can’t hear you. It didn’t hurt that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were in it, and Krasinski directed it. Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods wrote A Quiet Place, and they’ve been writing and directing horror films for years. Their first post-Quiet Place movie, Haunt, opens Friday, September 13.

Bryan Woods and Scott Beck
(L-R) Writers / directors Bryan Woods and Scott Beck on set of the horror / thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures.

Beck and Woods spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet over the weekend about their career in horror and where Haunt fit into their Quiet Place momentum. In Haunt, a group of young adults ditch the Halloween party to visit an extreme haunted house. This Haunt is so extreme, they may kill them for real.

Before ‘A Quiet Place,’ they were making student films

You can find films written by and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods together and separately. If you watch films like The Bride Wore Blood, University Heights, Her Summer or For Always, remember they were still learning.

“The films your citing that we did separately, those are microbudget feature films that we were making probably when we were in middle school and high school,” Woods said. “So they were no budget films. We were learning how to make movies. We kind of did it separately and eventually realized that we were so much better when we combined forces.”

Executive producers and writers Bryan Woods (L) and Scott Beck attend the Paramount Pictures New York Premiere of A Quiet Place | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

They did write and direct one previous film together called Nightlight.

“When we started writing and directing movies together, it kicked us into a different gear and we’ve been working together ever since then,” Woods said. “Directing, writing, we don’t really see them as two separate things. It’s all under the umbrella of filmmaking and storytelling to us, so we don’t really necessarily see a delineation between that.”

‘A Quiet Place’ didn’t get ‘Haunt’ made

Coming out a year after A Quiet Place will certainly help Haunt. However, this was not the film they got based on the success of A Quiet Place.

“The funny thing about this whole process of creating Haunt, we actually wrote Haunt and Quiet Place  at the exact same time. There was a point where were writing Quiet Place to kind of the M. Night Shyamalan Sixth Sense melding high concept with character drama version of a horror film, while Haunt was much more like our return to our love of John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper and trying to do something that purely felt like a roller coaster ride. “What happened was that both these films actually got greenlit.”

Scott Beck, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 9/6/19

‘A Quiet Place’ has opened up doors for future films

Haunt was already in the works when A Quiet Place opened. However, Woods and Beck were able to land subsequent films before Haunt opens. 

“In a way, Quiet Place didn’t make Haunt necessarily easier to make, but what it did is it did open up a lot of doors for us otherwise for other projects moving forward. For instance, one of those is an adaptation of a Stephen King story The Boogeyman that we’re doing for Fox that we’re writing and directing for them. So there’s various doors that have opened and Haunt just happens to follow up in that respect.”

Scott Beck, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 9/6/19

‘Haunt’ is a love letter to their favorite horror films

A Quiet Place allowed Beck and Woods to tell a family story within a horror movie. Haunt is just a pure horror movie. 

An image from the horror/thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures

“We just wanted to really immerse ourselves in our love of horror tropes and the fun of the Halloween season,” Woods said. “The monsters we created as the villains of the movie and the haunted house itself is all about just our love of horror and just having fun with it. We wanted to make our version of the Universal monsters and just play in that world.”