‘The Real’: Amanda Seales Faces Backlash Over Comments About White People Using Dark-Skinned Emojis

If you’ve ever followed Amanda Seales, you know she isn’t one to bite her tongue. The Insecure star is known for being highly opinionated and giving her unfiltered opinion on various issues, specifically relating to black people. But her ideas aren’t always well received by viewers. Such was the case on May 18 when Seales gave a hot take on The Real about whether white people should use darker-skinned emojis.

Amanda Seales on the red carpet at an event in October 2019
Amanda Seales on the red carpet at an event in October 2019 | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

What Amanda Seales said exactly

A clip posted to The Real‘s Instagram page features Seales talking about the lack of racial diversity in emojis that existed before changes were made in the mid-2010s.

“They added these skin color emojis because other people were not represented. So once again, they started off with white folks emojis, and then we all had to wait for others,” she says in the clip.

Seales went on to talk about white people’s use of darker-skinned emojis before her co-host Adrienne Bailon chimed in comparing it to an alternate version of blackface.

“Yeah, there are some people who have been super offended to the point of saying that this would be considered the equivalent of texting blackface,” Bailon said. When asked to share her thoughts on that, Seales said she agreed.

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Fans react to Amanda Seales’ comments

After the clip made its rounds, Seales faced widespread and immediate backlash over her remarks. Fans shared their thoughts in the comment section, describing her comments as senseless and even calling for her removal from the show.

“Amanda please take several seats abeg! At this point, you are sounding more and more ridiculous,” read one comment.

“Let ppl use what they want. You talk about ppl minding their business on things but we really worried about an emoji,” said another.

Someone else even declared: “Amanda is a Debby downer she needs to go”

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Others, however, said they totally understood Seales’ perspective and defended her from critics.

“We stan Amanda. WE STAN,” read one message.

“If you’re not a person of color you will literally NEVER fully understand because you don’t share the experience. Just respect it and move on,” a second comment said in part.

“and if you’re uncomfortable when she speaks you’re apart of the problem!” added a third person.

Someone else shared: “I noticed all the white people in the comments offended and saying I won’t watch this show anymore. Okay..Bye go watch Jerry Springer. This show is THE REAL. Amanda keeping it real. 💪 ALL THE WAY REAL.”

Amanda Seales’ response to the backlash

Amid mounting criticism, Seales took to the comment section and pushed back on her critics.

“It’s not that I don’t fit in with the women on this panel, I don’t fit in with the low level of intelligence of the viewers in these comments. I am so proud of that!” she began. “I exist in the healthy part of elevated minds. If I annoy you, make you uncomfortable, or you think I ‘don’t like white people’ or am ‘racist’ then. I am doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to do.”

“Happy Monday. Now turn off the TV and read a book!” she concluded, tacking on a string of emojis including a raised fist and lightning strikes.

Despite such overwhelming criticism, it’s nice to see Seales standing up for herself and not letting the haters get to her. She did the same back in February when fans were convinced she was feuding with co-host Jeannie Mai, sounding off on an Extra reporter for allegedly trying to pit them against each other. Read more here.

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