The Real Reason Bethenny Frankel Decided Not to Date Meghan Markel’s Ex-Husband

Bethenny Frankel loves a story with a little sizzle, but her meeting with Trevor Engelson didn’t have enough sizzle to propel the pair into a romantic relationship. On the heels of Engelson’s marriage in California, we can’t help but remember that time that Bethenny Frankel sort-of, kind-of, almost dated Meghan Markle’s ex-husband. The reason their relationship didn’t develop into romance is juicy, though.

How did Bethenny meet Trevor Engelson?

Frankel dished to an Australian radio show that she had once almost dated Meghan Markel’s ex-husband.  Frankel left out details of exactly how the pair linked up but did mention they were supposed to get to together in Chicago for a date after they spent time texting back and forth with each other.

Frankel noted that when they first met, she was aware he was divorced and later learned who he was once married to. Frankel went on to tell the radio program that she specifically asked Engelson about Markel’s upcoming nuptials. It seems, however, that the pair first met before Markle was presented to the public as Harry’s future bride. At the time, she was seemingly just Meghan Markle of Suits fame. Frankel didn’t further elaborate on her conversation with Engelson about Markle.

Why didn’t a romantic relationship develop?

While there wasn’t much dirt to spill, Frankel did let the radio show know the reason why nothing romantic developed between herself and the man with a world-famous ex. According to the SkinnyGirl businesswoman, the first problem between herself and Engelson was distance. Frankel’s home base is in New York, while Engelson is a West Coast man. Logistically it wasn’t going to work out well, according to People.

Trevor Engelson
Trevor Engelson | Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While distance might have been a problem, there was a more significant factor that prevented a love connection. Trevor Engelson looks eerily similar to Jason Hoppy. Frankel attempted to downplay the resemblance, claiming they look “a bit” alike, but it’s actually scary how much the two men resemble each other. In fact, they look like they could be brothers.

Jason Hoppy
Jason Hoppy | Photo by Raymond Hall/FilmMagic

The resemblance alone should have been enough to scare Frankel off. She and Hoppy were married for just a few years but have spent years battling in court over the custody of their daughter, Bryn. Frankel has accused Hoppy of harassing and torturing her during their marriage and in the wake of their divorce.

Do they still know each other?

Love didn’t bloom between Frankel and Markle’s producer ex-husband, but a business relationship apparently blossomed. The two reportedly have been trying to link up on television projects since their first encounter.

According to Deadline, Engelson pitched a pilot idea to Fox about a man whose wife leaves him for a prince and the custody battle that ensues. Frankel has no ties to that particular project, but she and Engelson were rumored to be working on a television series about a group of businesswomen, according to Us Magazine.