The Real Reason Beyoncé Is Worth Every Penny for Netflix

Beyoncé is one of the most influential women in music today. Her reach is astounding, her fan base is enormous, her net worth is high, and she’s beautiful to boot. What started as a “girl band” project with Destiny’s Child blossomed into a solo career that’s enviable among her peers. When you get Bey, you get an entire sea of fans right alongside her making her one of the most worthwhile investments in the media industry.

Maybe that’s why Netflix reached out to Beyoncé to form a bond that made subscribers rejoice. Several million dollars later and Beyoncé now has an exclusive documentary on the platform. Sure, Netflix may have had to pay the piper to get her on board, but she’s worth every single cent. 

Beyoncé changed the game with ‘Homecoming’

Beyoncé on Netflix is straight fire | Larry Busacca/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

But before she did, she slayed in Coachella. In case you somehow missed the memo, Beyoncé headlined Coachella last year. Now, this is a big deal for any entertainer, but it’s especially a big deal for Bey because she was the first black woman to receive the honor. With such a high pedestal to stand on, she brought on dancers, singers, and other performers from historically black colleges and universities to join her own the epic stage. Absolute power move.

The 26-set song list came together to create a memorable experience that ultimately ended in the event now being called “Baychella.” It also happened to serve as the inspiration for ‘Homecoming,’ a Netflix original that brought the fans behind the scenes of her Coachella experience.

The documentary includes interviews and candid footage that clues viewers into the vision behind the unforgettable performance. It literally takes you from “creative concept to cultural movement.” 

She also made a ton of money for herself and Netflix

When you bring Bey, you also bring her fans. The cult-like following she has equals concert seats filled, sold-out performances, and outstanding viewership for all things Bey. That being said, it’s no surprise that Beyoncé reportedly received $20 million from the streaming giant for Homecoming alone. In case you didn’t get enough of Bey in the documentary you’ll be happy to hear that the deal Beyoncé signed with Netflix is $60 million. Do you know what that means? More exclusive Queen Bey content is coming to Netflix!

While Netflix did have to empty their wallets to create some unique content for the Bey fans it was definitely worth it. The numbers may be unknown, but there’s no way news of the exclusive didn’t cause a boost in sign-ups for the platform. If Netflix releases their numbers at the end of the year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the documentary topping the charts of most viewed content. 

It’s more than the fanbase that makes Beyoncé worth the contract fee

So if it’s not the millions of fans, guaranteed viewership, and popularity that makes Beyoncé worth $60 million, what does? In case you didn’t know, Beyoncé puts a ton of effort into every project that has her name on it. But that’s not all. She also demands the utmost perfection of the finished product, and thusly the crew working alongside her. 

This is why Homecoming is an absolute masterpiece and has inspired viewers not just to watch it once, but tons of times. The source materials, her Coachella performance, was also an absolute stunner. Perhaps that’s why it’s been dubbed “the greatest live show of ALL TIME’. Even the production crew gives Bey props for creating such a fantastic experience. Just take a look at one of the dudes on her team said.

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A moment I’ll never forget… this picture was taken right after the first Coachella performance with Beyoncé. I don’t even really have words to describe how monumental that night was or what it meant to me personally but I am happy af that Homecoming film is now available on Netflix so all of you can get an idea of the work that our whole team put in. My goal was to bring something new to the table.. to push myself further than I could ever imagine possible. To give Beyoncé what she envisioned at the highest level. We did that! A team effort and we had the best team, hands fuckin down… It felt incredible to see my footage displaying live to 100,000 people or how ever many ppl watched the show that night… + the millions of ppl who were seeing my footage over the live stream including my parents back home in Iowa. Like wtf man how did i get here? shits dope to me… • • • anyways.. immah keep sharing about this project because it’s mad special to ya boi. Sorry for the overload of content but you’ll never stop hearing about this one. ✊✊✊ • • • big s/o to Beyonce, Parkwood, Freenjoy, and everyone else who gave me a shot/believed in me. B gave me an opportunity to take it to the next level and I will forever be grateful. • • • Also, • my rig was crZy. I had a backpack on with this massive radio transmitter thing which sent my single straight to the control center so it could be displayed in real time with out any issues connecting my feed from all the cell phones and shit at Coachella. The backpack was not comfortable bro… that shit had a metal plate that ran up my spine connecting to the WiFi thing also the batteries were running from my bag which Dave would swap out during the entire show. That had a big ass massive cable that came out into my rig so i had to make sure not to trip over that. I was def iRobot during the shows… • • • by @davemalave on my iPhone lol… all these fuckin cameras around and we took this pic on an iPhone lollll). • • • • ↘️join my creative collective • ☕️ @BlackWithNoCream • • #homecoming #Beyhive #Coachella #Beyonce #BeyonceHomecoming #Beychella

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Clearly, Bey inspired everyone to bring their A-game, not only for the live performance and those tuning it at home but to those who would catch the amazing documentary on Netflix later on.