The Real Reason Beyoncé Was Shopping At Target –According to Chrissy Teigen

We all know that Beyoncé is better than all of us. After giving a stunning performance at Coachella, slaying all of our lives with her surprise albums– Beyoncé and Lemonade and generally just being a goddess amongst us mortals there is nothing that the mother-of-three cannot do. Though the queen doesn’t really go places that us normal folks go to, when she does– her massive bodyguard Julius de Boer typically shields her whenever she has to breathe poor people’s air. However, there is one “normal” habit that the mega-star can’t seem to stop indulging in.

Like the rest of us who spend endless Saturdays pushing our red carts through the aisle and sipping on Starbucks —Beyoncé adores Target.  She was first spotted in the store back in 2013 just before one of her Mrs. Carter tours dates shopping for hats in Texas. Most recently she was spotted walking through the aisle of the megastore in Jan. 2019. So why on earth was she shopping at Target? Her good friend Chrissy Teigen has the answer.

Chrissy Teigen is convinced her friend was in Target to purchase items for her cookware line

As soon she Chrissy Teigen saw the headlines about Beyoncé being in Target, she chimed in. She said, “Beyoncé you are so silly, I can just send you my new knives!!” In Sept. 2018. Teigen launched an exclusive cookware line with Target. The line has pots, pans, spatulas, spoons and obviously knives.

In reality, Beyoncé was seen in Target on January 7, 2019, which just happens to be Blue Ivy’s 7th birthday. We think the songstress was probably getting her daughter some last minute gifts or putting some finishing touches on her party. After all, Blue loves Target too. Back in March 2018, Bey and Blue were seen with an assistant pilling a cart high with a ton of various items.

How does Beyoncé do Target?

When you’re worth $355 million — you don’t merely go to Target with your coupons pulled up on your phone like a regular person. In fact, when the “Formation” singer was spotted walking down the aisle of the store. She looked like she was walking the runways of Paris Fashion Week. Blue, Sir, and Rumi’s mama was wearing an orange jumpsuit, triangular sunglasses and she had her signature golden curls draped down her back.

Of course, the Dangerously In Love singer didn’t dare touch that germ-filled Target cart as she walked down the baby aisle. Instead, she had an assistant do it for her. We’re not exactly sure what Beyoncé decided to purchase, but whatever it is, we need to know she we can run to our local Target immediately and pick it up.

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