The Real Reason Blac Chyna’s Feud with the Kardashians Is Back On

Rob Kardashian has put his foot down; he doesn’t want his daughter appearing on a reality TV show. Rob’s lawyer sent a letter to Blac Chyna informing her that he is unwilling to consent to Dream Kardashian appearing on her new reality TV show. According to TMZ, Rob’s lawyer, Marty Singer, also addressed the Zeus Network, the video on demand platform Chyna’s show will appear on, with a letter. In that legal document, Singer warned the network that legal action would be taken if scenes featuring Dream were included in the show.

Why Doesn’t Rob want Dream on the show?

Kardashian is allegedly concerned about the nature of Blac Chyna’s upcoming show. While the former couple called a truce a while back, there have been some pretty concerning events in Chyna’s life that have the father of one worried about his daughter.

Chyna had a heated exchange with her hairdresser in May. In fact, the mother of two chased the stylist with a knife. According to People, the dispute erupted in the early morning hours of May 11. Chyna became enraged when the hairdresser asked for payment. Chyna’s son, King Cairo, was allegedly in the house during the incident.

A promo for Chyna’s new show also depicts a screaming match between Chyna and her mother, Tokyo Toni. According to reports, Kardashian is concerned that the reality show will only exacerbate Chyna’s penchant for drama, which could create an unsafe environment for Dream. He would prefer if Dream wasn’t in the home during filming.

Blac Chyna claps back, calling the Kardashians hypocrites

Chyna took to social media to let fans know how Kardashian is handling her budding reality TV career. She lashed out at Rob and his family by calling them, hypocrites. Chyna pointed out that Dream has been featured in Keeping Up with The Kardashians on several occasions without Chyna’s consent.

Chyna went on to note she had absolutely no plans of subjecting her children to long hours on the set. Kardashian allegedly objected to Dream’s participation partially because of his own experience on reality TV as a young adult. She essentially called out the entire Kardashian clan, alleging they are trying to hinder her from bettering her family. Rob has not made a public statement about Chyna’s social media rant.

What is Blac Chyna’s reality show about?

The Real Blac Chyna is a reality TV show that will center around the star and how she lives her day-to-day life. Camera crews will follow Chyna as she navigates Hollywood, business and her dating life. According to a sneak peek promo the show will also touch on Chyna’s longstanding feud with her mother and how the pair are attempting to work through their personal problems.

Fans had long assumed both of Chyna’s kids would be heavily featured on the show, but now that entire storyline is up in the air. There is no word on whether Tyga consented to King Cairo being featured on the show. King Cairo, 6, is the child of Chyna and Tyga.