The Real Reason ‘Blue Bloods’ Is the Best Show on TV

Police Drama Blue Bloods is one of the highest-rated shows on CBS. When it debuted in 2010, it showed a lot of promise. Now, nine seasons later, the show has garnered millions of fans across the globe thanks to its unique spin on the genre. It doesn’t hurt the show stars an unforgettable cast that has amazing chemistry on set. So, what exactly is it that makes Blue Bloods such a great show?

Donnie Wahlberg from Blue Bloods | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

‘Blue Bloods’ strives for accuracy

Police dramas are pretty common places across various television. With no shortage of binge-worthy shows, Blue Bloods had to do something to stand out. The first thing it focused on was giving its viewers an accurate portrayal of cops in NYC. Producers looked for someone who had already served their time in the city that would serve as the backdrop. The man they chose was James Nuciforo. Nuciforo was an NYC police officer who spent nearly 25 years on the force. 

Now Nucifero is the technical advisor for Blue Bloods and ensures that the cast of cops and detectives are always spot on. This includes everything from getting NYC police jargon right to understanding tried and true procedures. It’s time-consuming work proofing every script, but it certainly pays off as Blue Bloods has one of the most authentic takes on the genre.

Some of the Blue Bloods cast even underwent SWAT type training to ensure an impressive level of authenticity on set!

The iconic Reagan family dinners

Blue Bloods does a fantastic job of tying in the craziness of police drama with the sentimentality of family life. Considering the show follows several generations of cops, adding in a strong family element was a genius idea. After some deliberation, the writers came up with the perfect episode ender, the delicious looking family dinners.

The dinners give viewers a chance to see the family together after tackling their rough and tumble tasks. Sometimes the family doesn’t always agree, so seeing everything come full circle allows the various officers, detectives, and lawyers to share their perspectives on work for the day. The meal also connects the current generations to their ancestors, another level of family orientated importance in the show. 

Without a doubt, the dinner scenes are ones that fans of the show love the most. It truly is something that sets it apart from other fan favorites like Dick Wolf’s Law and Order franchise, NCIS, and Luther

‘Blue Bloods’ has a top-notch cast

Blue Bloods has a one of a kind cast featuring some extremely talented actors. Tom Selleck, the unforgettable star from Magnum P.I.channels his previous crime experience to be the NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan. He’s also a single father raising a family full of justice warriors. A guest star from the infamous Murder, She Wrote Len Cariou is the patriarch of the family, Henry Reagan, and the former police commissioner of New York City. Considering Frank is filling his shoes he always has solid advice to give.

Frank’s children include Donnie Wahlberg aka Danny Reagan, a NY detective who isn’t afraid to get messy while pursuing the perps, Will Estes aka Jamie Reagan, the youngest sibling who couldn’t keep but following in his father’s footsteps, and Bridget Moynahan aka Erin Reagan. She’s the only daughter and the Bureau Chief at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Considering she tries to stick to the book, she finds herself at odds with the rest of her family from time to time. 

Other ensemble cast members include Vanessa Ray, Sami Gayle, Andrew Terraciano, Tony Terraciano, Abigail Hawk, Gregory Jbara, Marisa Ramirez, Robert Clohess, Vanessa Ray, and Steve Schirripa. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without a quick mention on Blue Bloods cutest couple, Jamie Reagan and fellow officer Eddie Janko played by Vanessa Ray. Fans go absolutely crazy when it comes to the pair and any scenes involving the two quickly make their way to the internet. Even the producers of the show have recognized just how iconic Jamko is. They push all kinds of content involving the two on their social media channels and make sure to advertise when the two will be getting into it on the show!

Currently fans are awaiting news on the next season. If they’re lucky they’ll get a season 10 or at the very least a few specials!