The Real Reason Chance the Rapper Cancelled His Tour

Chance the Rapper has had a wild career. Sometimes he is a critical darling, sometimes he is critically reviled. Sometimes he’s making art, sometimes he’s making Dorito commercials with the Backstreet Boys. On Dec. 15, 2019, he surprised fans by cancelling his upcoming concert.

Chance the Rapper in Los Angeles, California | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Chance the Rapper’s sudden cancellation

According to People, Chance the Rapper wrote “I’ve decided to cancel the Big Tour. I know it sucks and its been a lot of back and forth with reschedules and rerouting, but it’s for the best. I’m gonna take this time to be with family, make some new music and develop my best show to date. 

He continued “I’m deeply sorry to anyone with a ticket who has supported me this past decade by coming to a show and rocking out with me and I feel even worse for anyone who was planning on making this their first Chance concert.”

He added “Thank you all for an amazing year, and a huge thanks to my team and family for being so strong through this whole year. I promise to come back much stronger and better in 2020 and hope to see some of you guys there. I truly love you and God bless.”

Chance the Rapper | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Although many fans were disappointed, reasoning behind the cancellation makes sense. Chance the Rapper has made his devotion as a husband and father a part of his brand. He even wrote an entire concept album about his marriage called The Big Day

Iggy Azalea was in a similar situation

Chance the Rapper is not the only successful rapper to cancel a tour. In 2018, Variety reported Azalea had to cancel nearly all of the dates of her North American Bad Girl Tour. Via Twitter, the rapper said “Believe me – I was really excited for this tour… and I’m genuinely disappointed it can’t happen this year.

She continued “The choice was out of my hands and not my call to make.” In a separate tweet, she said “All i [sic] can do is keep pushing, keep recording and keep a smile on my face.”

Sam Smith cancelled his tour too

Sam Smith at KIIS-FM’s Jingle Ball 2019 | David Livingston/FilmMagic

Rappers aren’t the only musicians who cancel tours. The BBC reports Sam Smith had to cancel an Australian tour in 2015. “I am deeply, deeply saddened to tell my Australian fans, I have to cancel my Australian tour. I have been vocally exhausted for a while now however last night in Sydney I had a small haemorrhage on my vocal cords.”

He added “The doctors have told me I need to fully rest until my vocal chords have healed, otherwise this could become a huge long-term issue. I am so sorry to all who have bought tickets, I truly am. This kills me.”

Chance the Rapper, Iggy Azalea, and Sam Smith all had to cancel tours. Some fans see this as inexcusable. Some fans are more forgiving. At the very least, all of these artists are known for great live performances when they take the stage.