The Real Reason Fans Are So Angry About Kingdom Hearts III

Since Kingdom Hearts II was released back in 2005, gaming fans have been anticipating the release of its sequel Kingdom Hearts III. The game is set to debut for Xbox and PlayStation 4 on Jan. 29, 2019 as the twelfth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, and the final chapter in the Dark Seeker saga. For those who loved Kingdom Hearts II, this installment will have all the things they adored about that game as well as some brand new gameplay elements with a total of five characters in total

The game’s director Tetsuya Nomura said of the highly anticipated game, “When creating a Kingdom Hearts game, we start with a gameplay system that I think would be a fun element, and once we have an idea of what kind of gameplay or system we want in place, we flesh out the story around it, surrounding the basic concept of what kind of fun we’re going to have with this new installment.” So why are gaming fans suddenly so angry about Kingdom Hearts III?

Kingdom Hearts III has been leaked

More than a month early, some troll has leaked Kingdom Hearts III in full, completely ruining the thrill and surprise for many folks who have eagerly anticipated the game’s release for almost 15 years. It is believed that nearly 60 copies of the game are floating around in the public and some leaked game footage is now floating around on Al Gore’s internet.

Luckily, the current leaked footage only showcases the very start of the game, but since hard copies are also out on the streets, the entire plot will most certainly leak at some point as well.

From the trailer, we know that the game touches on familiar themes like stolen hearts, worlds, destinies, and returning home. Also, fans can expect to see iconic Disney characters, Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc., King Mickey and of course, Tigger and Sora.

Who leaked the game?

Game director Tetsuya Nomura released a statement about the leak saying, “We are aware that a small portion of Kingdom Hearts 3 has been circulating online before its official release. We are also aware of how this all happened. We are sorry this has caused concern amongst our fans who are excited for the release.”

Word on the street is that a shipping company’s employee stole several completed copies of the X-Box version and sold them off. Honestly, people are the worse.

Say no to spoilers

Nomura is asking that everyone keep spoilers to themselves. He said, “The game’s epilogue and secret movie, which are the biggest spoilers in this game, are planned to be released at a later date just in case, so they will not be shown before the game’s release. We want everyone to be able to equally experience the full game after its release, so we ask for your continued support on this matter. We’re sorry to see this caused concern amongst our fans who are excited for the release. We’re one month out from the release. Let’s enjoy the game together when it releases on January 29, 2019.”

Hopefully, true fans will respect Nomura’s wishes so that everyone can have a good experience.

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