The Real Reason Fans Assume Kylie Jenner is Married

Thanks to the likes of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, the Jenner/Kardashian clan are constantly in our news cycles. From cheating scandals to feuds to family drama, viewers get to see it all unfold on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And when we’re not keeping track of what’s going on with the three leading ladies, many are wondering what Kylie is up to. We can’t forget she just had a baby girl, Stormi, with her boyfriend, Travis Scott. And for being in the public eye so often, we know Kylie’s become an expert at keeping many aspects of her life totally private.

For this reason, many are wondering if Kylie is secretly married to Travis. Could she really have tied the knot without any of us noticing? Here’s why many fans think she did.

Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret until Stormi arrived

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One of the reasons fans speculate Kylie could be hiding a marriage is because she was able to do the impossible — and that’s hide her pregnancy for the entire duration. There was plenty of speculation for the nine months she was with child, but even so, she managed to pull it off. Kylie even appeared in carefully cropped photos during her pregnancy to keep eagle-eyed fans at bay. That’s serious commitment to her privacy — and we wouldn’t be surprised if she did it again.

If Kylie is hiding a marriage like she hid her baby bump, we’ll certainly hear about it when she’s ready for the reveal. E! News reminds us Kylie revealed a highlight video of moments throughout her pregnancy once Stormi was born so fans could finally get a glimpse of what they missed out on.

She calls Travis ‘hubby’ as a pet name, and he calls her ‘wifey’

Pet names aren’t unusual, but Travis and Kylie’s have many fans wondering if they could mean something more. On social media, they’re constantly referring to each other as “hubby” and “wifey.” Not only that, but MTV notes during Travis’ Astroworld Festival performance in November 2018, Travis went as far as to call Kylie his wife while on stage. “My beautiful wife, she came out. My beautiful daughter, she’s here too. I love ya’ll so much,” he said. And after his appearance on stage, the pet names continued on Instagram, when Travis commented on Kylie’s post of him with, “I love u wifey.”

Her one Instagram story had everyone convinced she was married

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As if the actual wife call-out on stage wasn’t enough, in December 2018, Kylie had everyone talking with her Instagram story. Cosmopolitan notes she posted a photo to her story of Kylie and Travis looking ultra close — and above their heads was an emoji of a gigantic diamond ring. Kylie was also in white in the photo.

“So Kylie & Travis are married?” one Twitter user questioned. And another commented, “I swearrrrrr Kylie & Travis got married on the sneak.” Nothing’s been confirmed, but fans think it’s ultra clear.

Even Kim doesn’t know the truth

If Kylie was married, certainly her family would know — but Kim shocked everyone by admitting that even she’s unsure of her sister’s marital status. After the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim remarked on Busy Tonight that Kylie and Travis are super in love, Refinery29 reports. And she also stated that the two of them aren’t married — but she did start to question herself the more she discussed it. “I really, I would say like no, they’re just like being cute and posting that But, they’ve posted it a few times, so I am going to ask in our group chat today when we leave here,” Kim admitted.

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