The Real Reason Fans Think Jenelle and David Sent The White Powder to Themselves

Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s problems following the death of Nugget took a dark turn back on May 15, when the couple called 911 to report a suspicious white substance that they received in the mail. While Eason and Evans claim they opened the mail and found the powder, fans have been trying to shoot down the report since it was made. Many Teen Mom 2 fans believe the couple may have sent the mail to themselves, and now media outlets are reporting that Eason tampered with the substance before Evans called 911.

Did David and Jenelle send the letter to themselves?

Reddit fans note that Evans and Eason both have a history with drugs, and find the entire story a bit suspicious. Nathan Griffith has long suggested both Eason and Evans have drug and alcohol dependencies. Reddit fans have wondered if the package was a quick way to cover up for potential drug use in the home; after all, if a suspicious package arrived, it would explain other suspicious materials in or around the home.

According to In Touch, Eason spent time in prison on drug paraphernalia charges, and Evans has a long history of substance abuse. While the drug angle is one explanation, other fans believe the pair may have sent themselves the package as a way of garnering sympathy. Jenelle’s current plight has all but gotten her blacklisted from Hollywood, and Eason is perhaps the most hated baby daddy in Teen Mom 2 history. Some fans think the pair sent the mail to themselves as a way of showing they were being picked on.

Jenelle’s 911 call seems suspect

Jenelle’s 911 call is doing very little to give the package claim validity. In the 911 call, Evans tells an operator that the pair returned home to find a letter from the court in their mailbox. While still sitting in the car, Eason apparently opened the envelope but found only white powder inside. She also claims the powder went everywhere, but Eason quickly threw the package on the ground.

Jenelle Evans Mugshot
Jenelle Evans | Photo by Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office via WireImage

Fans point out a couple of issues with this story. If there was no letter and just powder in an envelope, how exactly did it go “everywhere”? Secondly, fans question why Eason was opening mail while sitting in the car. Even if the matter seemed pressing, opening mail while in the car in your driveway seems a bit unnecessary. Most people tend to open letters once they are inside their home.

Finally, fans are curious about why Eason would throw the powder to the ground instead of trying to preserve some so the police could figure out exactly what it was. With the alleged powder in the mud outside of the family’s home, there was little for police to do with the matter. Although, they are still looking into it.

Are police still investigating?

A suspicious white substance in the mail is certainly cause for concern. At the very least, you’d think the sheriff’s department would be testing the powder to find out exactly what it is. While the department told Us Magazine that the matter was still under investigation, they failed to comment on whether they are testing the powder.

The incident occurred in May, but there have been no updates on the substance or who may have sent it since. Fans are starting to think that maybe the police aren’t actually investigating it because they believe it to be a hoax.