The Real Reason Flagstaff Residents Are Concerned About the Brown Family Coming to Town

The Brown family of Sister Wives fame are officially residents of Flagstaff, Arizona. While there was much debate within the family if now was the time to move away from Las Vegas, they picked up in the oppressive July heat, packed up four moving fans and hit the road. Nearly a year out from the big move, they are settling into life in the Arizona city, but there is one question that is on everyone’s mind; are the residents of Flagstaff, Arizona happy about their newest neighbors?

Why did the Brown family leave Las Vegas?

The Browns settled down in Las Vegas after fleeing Utah amid fear of being prosecuted for living a plural lifestyle. While their concerns were, allegedly, overblown, they decided that they could never return to Utah. While the family has deep roots in the state heavily known for its large Mormon population, it was no longer the right fit for their expanding group, but the Brown family also knew that Las Vegas didn’t exactly feel like home.

The oppressive desert heat, the hustle, and bustle of Sin City and growing concerns about how their family would diverge now that many of their oldest children are striking out on their own led the family to the decision to move. While patriarch, Kody Brown was all-in on finding a new locale for his family that includes 18 children and four wives, not everyone in the family was onboard.

Both Janelle and Meri voiced serious concerns about uprooting their established life in Las Vegas; they noted that the liberal city had been especially kind to their alternative lifestyle; something they had not found in previous living situations.

Why did the Brown family choose Flagstaff, Arizona?

Kody Brown offered an extensive interview in the months following his family’s big move. He noted while he considers the city of Flagstaff “heaven,” the family is living in “hell,” while they try to navigate their current living situation and the plethora of moving boxes that have yet to be unpacked. Regardless of the logistics of moving, the family is settling into Flagstaff, but many fans wonder what put the city of 71,000 on the family’s radar.

According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, Flagstaff’s seasons, open-mindedness, proximity to colleges and alternative population are the reason the family decided to put down roots. Brown has long asserted that the “hippie” population is what interested him most about the area. He also noted that he was looking forward to winter; something the family seriously missed from their days in Utah.

Are residents of Flagstaff happy about their newest neighbors?

Flagstaff residents don’t seem to have a problem with the Brown family; at least they aren’t concerned about how they choose to live their life. In fact, Flagstaff is an incredible inclusive city that aims to make everyone feel safe and welcome. Kody noted, upon picking the locale, that the open-minded residents were his top reason for thinking Flagstaff was the perfect place to call home.

The main square in Flagstaff
Flagstaff main square (Getty Images)

While the residents of the city situated 7,000 feet above sea level may be totally cool with plural living, they do have their concerns about the Brown family. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, residents of the city are most concerned about filming. They don’t want their sleepy town to turn into a circus, and they fear filming, and looky-loos could create congestion and chaos in the slow-paced city.

Another resident told reporters that while she’ll remain courteous to the family, she doesn’t agree with the patriarchal nature of their living situation. Calling the entire family setup sexist, the resident went on to argue she doesn’t want to normalize such behavior, especially for her two children.