The Real Reason Hannah G. Went on ‘The Bachelor’

Hannah G. was a major contender on Colton’s season of The Bachelor. She was awarded his first impression rose and from that moment forward their chemistry was undeniable.

After one fence jump and a whole lot of drama later, Colton ended up giving his final rose to Cassie. Hannah G., along with those watching along, were shocked.

Hannah Godwin | Rick Rowell via Getty Images
Hannah Godwin | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

But since her time on The Bachelor, a lot of opportunities have opened up for Hannah. Her marketing/modeling business is growing, there were rumors floating around that she was considered for The Bachelorette, and there’s a good chance we may see her in Paradise.

Who Hannah G. was hoping ‘The Bachelor’ would be

Hannah G. definitely went on The Bachelor to fall in love–she told Colton as he was breaking up with her that she’d been ready to move wherever he’d like her to move when the show ended.

When she was applying to be on the show (she recently told Vulture that the video she sent in wasn’t especially interesting), she had three men in mind for who’d she’d like to see when she stepped out of the limo.    

“People would ask me a lot during the application process, Who are you thinking about? The top three contenders were obviously Colton, Blake [Horstmann], and Jason [Tartick]. I think I would’ve had a different kind of relationship with all of them, because they’re all so different. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment if I just latched onto one person. I wasn’t disappointed it was Colton by any means, but I was like, Okay, cool, it’s gonna be this kind of relationship,” she told Vulture.

Why Hannah G. went on ‘The Bachelor’

As for why she decided to take the leap and apply to be on the show? Hannah says she was tired of always being the single one in her group of friends.  

“All of my friends kept telling me that I had to try out. I was always the single girl at weddings and it was an ongoing joke with my friends, like, She’s by herself if anyone wants to dance with her! As much as it was fun to joke about that, it also sucked because it wasn’t exactly where I thought I would be at that point in my life. So finally, after a few mimosas one day, I filmed a video. My best friend helped me and we sent something in,” she said.

“From there, I guess they thought I was going to be an interesting fit for the show. Some people find love at a bar at 2 a.m. Some people find love at an airport. Why not see what happens when you don’t have your phone with you and actually have the time to get to know somebody without any distractions? In my career, I was also finally in such a good spot of feeling fulfilled. I worked my butt off, but I hadn’t really have time to focus on the love side or make love my priority. So why not do something different?”

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