The Real Reason James Charles Is Feuding With Tati Westbrook

Beauty influencers are incredibly popular in the world of social media, with thousands of subscribers tuning to into their favorite accounts to learn the latest and greatest makeup and lifestyle tips and tricks. Two of the biggest influencers in the beauty world are James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

Both makeup gurus have huge followings, fat bank accounts, and lots of support from various brands and companies. Even though the influencers have enjoyed a firm friendship in the past, these days, Westbrook and Charles are experiencing a very public falling out.

How did James Charles and Tati Westbrook become friends?

James Charles
James Charles | Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Westbrook is widely known as one of the first famous beauty influencers. In 2011, Westbrook started her channel GlamLifeGuru, doing makeup tutorials, product breakdowns, challenges, and offering a wide variety of lifestyle tips for her subscribers. At 37, Westbrook is considered to be one of the veterans of the beauty influencer space, and her work has served as an inspiration to others who hope to get started in the same field.

One influencer who has been inspired by Westbrook’s work is James Charles. The young beauty blogger began posting to social media a couple of years ago but made a big splash with his gender-bending looks and beautifully intricate makeup design. Charles called Westbrook his “mom,” and frequently touted her as a mentor and mother figure. The two influencers often cross-promoted each other’s work on their channels, and Charles even did Westbrook’s makeup for her wedding day.

How did James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s feud start?

The drama began in April 2019, when Charles promoted a line of gummy hair care vitamins called Sugar Bear Hair. While this seemed harmless enough, the line is a direct competitor to Westbrook’s line of health food supplements, Halo Beauty. Westbrook took immediate offense to the advertisement and took to her Instagram to say that she felt betrayed. Although she didn’t mention Charles by name, many fans started to connect the dots.

Following Westbrook’s post, Charles responded by publicly apologizing to Westbrook, claiming that he never intended to hurt her feelings and that he didn’t accept any money for the Sugar Bear Hair post. Westbrook didn’t respond to that immediately, but then other beauty bloggers started getting involved. A blogger named Gabriel Zamora posted a lengthy video where he sided with Charles, saying that Westbrook had no right to get offended over Charles promoting other brands and that Charles didn’t owe her any loyalty.

How will the James Charles feud with Tati Westbrook affect their careers?

In response to Zamora’s video, Westbrook finally spoke out. On May 10th, Westbrook uploaded a video of her own, where she broke down all the reasons why she will no longer associate with Charles, and her reasons went well beyond the Sugar Bear Hair promotion. In part, she accused Charles of being sexually inappropriate with various unnamed men, that Charles had been deceptive with Westbrook and her husband regarding their business relationship, and that once he started experiencing a greater level of success, he started changing for the worst.

The video was a bombshell, and quickly accumulated millions of views. In spite of Charles’ tearful apology video, which he uploaded the very next day, the 19-year old beauty guru quickly started losing followers. Charles has already lost around three million subscribers, while Westbrook’s following has only grown — from around six million to closer to ten million.

How this will affect Charles and Westbrook in the future is unknown, but based on his rapid decline in followers, it seems likely that Charles might continue to experience significant issues with his fanbase.