The Real Reason Jenelle Evans Turned Off Instagram Comments

Jenelle Evans doesn’t want any negative vibes coming into her Instagram feed. She has been hard at work trying to make herself and her husband, David Eason, look normal ever since they regained custody of their children. The general public, however, is not nearly as forgiving as the North Carolina judge that dismissed their case. In the weeks since the shocking decision, fans have flocked to Evans’ Instagram feed to voice concerns. She’s made sure that that can’t happen anymore, at least not on certain Instagram posts.

Evans has turned off comments on selected posts

Evans has long stated that she and Eason are committed to their marriage. One way she’s working on it seems to be by disabling comment on Instagram to avoid seeing negative sentiment about her husband. In a recent post, Evans shared a snapshot of Eason holding 2-year-old Ensley.

The commenters went in hard on the mother of three and her troubled husband. One user commented that they hoped the chicken that Ensley was holding didn’t “nip” at her, according to Pop Culture.  The comment was referencing Eason’s explanation for why he shot and killed the family dog in April 2019.

Eason apparently has a long history of losing it over stories and comments online. In one of twenty-five 911 calls, Evans explained to an emergency dispatcher that Eason was going crazy over a story he read on the internet. During the call, Evans alleged that Eason had a gun. Ensley was allegedly sleeping nearby during the incident.

Fans have accused Jenelle Evans of having sock puppet accounts

Evans hasn’t disabled all of her Instagram comments just yet. While she appears to be deleting negative comments, several have slipped past her. One fan accused Evans of deleting negative comments and paying for the positive feedback. The user stated, “You clearly delete negative comments and pay people to say nice things, lmao.” Several other followers seem to agree.

Evans has been accused of having sock puppet accounts in the past, too. A sock puppet is an alternate account that is used by an individual to bolster a point of view. Evans, for example, would use a sock puppet to feed positive commentary about herself into a discussion. The vast majority of commentary about Evans is negative, so any positive sentiment is considered suspect by fans.

Jenelle Evans seems to be trolling her Instagram followers

Evans has always been a fan of Twitter. Over on the microblogging platform, She has shared her thoughts on everything from gun control, to her family and former co-stars. Over on Instagram, she’s been sharing photos of everything from her family life to the farm she and Eason are attempting to develop.

Evans’ content on Instagram has taken an interesting turn in recent weeks. Not only has she started to share more clickbait than ever before, but she is seemingly trolling her followers. In a recent post, the former reality TV star hinted at the idea that she was pregnant and urged followers to click a link in her bio. The link took followers to a magazine article about recent celebrity pregnancy announcements.

Evans has since pulled down the pregnancy post after receiving backlash. A new link has been placed in her bio that takes fans to a Celebuzz article regarding Chelsea Houska, a former castmate. Followers can expect the links to rotate regularly.