The Real Reason Jill Duggar is Sharing Her Sex Life with the World

Jill Duggar seems to be jockeying for attention lately. The mother of two has been blogging and using Instagram to keep her followers apprised to changes in her life since she was forced off of the family’s TLC show, Counting On, but things have gotten a little weird in the last few weeks. Mixed in with inedible food pictures, and sponsored clothing posts are a few more risqué topics. Fans are wondering why the mother of two is suddenly obsessed with talking about her sex life. Some are even outraged. If you think about it, though, it all makes sense.

Jill’s blog post about her sex life got people’s attention

On June 3rd, Jill published a lengthy blog post about how to keep your marriage fresh. She went on to advise couples on establishing and maintaining a physical connection, regardless of life’s challenges. The mother of two, who married her husband Derick Dillard in 2014, suggested buying new lingerie, being available whenever intimacy needs were voiced, and using fragrant lotion to set the mood.

The post included advice that wasn’t bedroom-oriented, but that’s what really caught people’s attention. Several media outlets picked up the post and decided to dissect it, while Reddit fans openly wondered what exactly was going on between Jill and Derick that would have prompted such an overshare.

Jill’s kama sutra Instagram post caused outraged

Jillybean must have noticed all of the attention that was given to her blog post. She followed it up with an Instagram photo that has some fans thinking she may have gone a bit too far. During an anniversary vacation trip, the mother of two shared a photo of massage oil, a copy of the kama sutra, and an adult-themed game.

Some fans were outraged by the use of the guide. Others, however, just found the entire post to be an attempt to steal the spotlight from her siblings. Two of Jill’s siblings announced they were expecting daughters on the same day she posted her anniversary trip pictures.

The Duggars aren’t shy about sex

While Jill and her siblings were raised in an ultra-conservative Christian household, the family isn’t exactly shy about sex. Sure, the kids aren’t allowed to be alone with a potential partner before marriage, and they certainly aren’t allowed to have an intimate relationship, but that doesn’t mean they don’t talk about bedroom things.  In fact, that seems to be one of the big themes that surround couples as they head towards marriage.

Jill actually isn’t the first Duggar to write about bedroom topics. Michelle Duggar wrote a blog post that centered around marriage advice for newlywed’s way back in 2015. According to Entertainment Tonight, the mother of 19 wrote that a wife should always be “joyfully available” for an intimate moment. The post goes on to claim that being tired or stressed shouldn’t prevent an intimate connection.

Prior to marriage, all the Duggar boys receive a book that outlines the principles of a good marriage, including how to solidify an intimate relationship. In short, sex is off the table before the wedding, but once the rings are on, all bets are off.

Jim Bob and Michelle have never shied away from a little PDA

While physical contact is verboten for couples who are courting, Jim Bob and Michelle are pretty handsy with one another. During one chaperoned date, the pair seemed to take great pleasure in showing off. The physical contact between the married couple actually made fans uncomfortable.

Viewers pointed out how Jim Bob was all over Michelle during the chaperoned date. While it definitely weirded fans out, it’s further proof that the family isn’t shy about intimacy nor are they against openly discussing it. They are simply against it happening before a couple is pronounced husband and wife.