The Real Reason Jinger Duggar Didn’t Spend Christmas With the Other Duggars

We can’t imagine growing up with well over a dozen siblings, but that’s exactly what life is like for the Duggar kids. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar chronicled their lives on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting years ago, and today, we’re still keeping up with the huge family thanks to social media and shows like Counting On. And over the years, we’ve had a chance to see all of the personalities of the Duggar kids. It’s no surprise that Jinger, one of the more rebellious Duggar girls, quickly became a fan favorite.

This past Christmas, it seems Jinger didn’t spend the holiday with her many brothers and sisters or her own parents, and it had fans questioning why. Here’s the reason Jinger wasn’t present at the Arkansas family home for the holidays.

Jinger spent Christmas with her in-laws in Pennsylvania

Like seven of the other older Duggar kids, Jinger is happily married to her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. The Vuolos family blog reminds us the two met through Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald — and Jeremy noted he liked Jinger from the moment he met her. After praying that he could enter a courtship with her, his dream came true, and the two were engaged just one month after entering a courtship together. Today, they’ve been married for two years and have a little girl, Felicity, who isn’t even a year old yet.

Since Jinger and Jeremy married, the two haven’t spent too much time around the Duggar family home in Arkansas. Romper notes they put down roots in Texas, which is where they’re choosing to raise Felicity now. As for Christmas, Pennsylvania may be quite a ways away from Texas, but Romper also noted that that’s where Jinger and Jeremy were headed. Jeremy’s family resides in Pennsylvania, and we got to see his family members interact with Felicity on her Instagram, too.

Spending the holidays with Jeremy’s family proves to be a tradition for her

This isn’t the first time Jinger and Jeremy have spent the holidays at the Vuolo household instead of the Duggar’s, either. Inquistr reminds us back in 2017, Jinger was missing from the Duggar family Christmas photo. Instead, she was reportedly back at Jeremy’s family’s household for Christmas day and in her own home state of Texas for Christmas Eve. Jeremy is a preacher, and he shared his own Christmas Eve sermon at his church to celebrate the season.

Just because Jinger tends to spend the holidays with the Vuolos doesn’t mean there’s any bad blood between her and her own family members, however. She commented, “Wish we were able to join you all,” on a Christmas video her brother, Josiah, posted, and Jessa was also a frequent commenter on Jinger’s posts of Christmas lights near her home in Texas. And, considering the Duggars believe the husband is the leader of the household, it makes sense for Jinger to spend a lot of time with Jeremy’s family. We’re sure her father, Jim Bob, understands.

Jinger has always been the family member to go her own way

Aside from the expectation that the husband rules the roost and tradition dictating that Jeremy and Jinger may just always head to the Vuolo household for the holiday season, we shouldn’t be too surprised that Jinger has decided to take time away from the other Duggars. She’s always been known for her rebellious acts (rebellious for the Duggar family, that is). Even her decision to move to Texas away from her family shows her independent nature — and we’ll never forget when she considered moving out of Arkansas and to New York City. And now that she’s married with her own family, she’s also not afraid to dress in pants — something her mother, Michelle, doesn’t approve of.

We’re sure Jinger will be a part of plenty of Duggar events in the future, but she’s never been one to completely follow the rules. For that reason, perhaps we’ll never see her, Jeremy, or baby Felicity with her family at Christmas.

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