The Real Reason Jinger Vuolo Kicked Coffee to the Curb

Jinger Vuolo sparked pregnancy rumors after she posted a picture to Instagram of a decaf coffee. The 25-year-old mother of one was just featured in Counting On giving birth to her first child Felicity, but now fans are wondering if Jinger is gearing up for baby number two. The reality star has a long and well-documented love affair with caffeinated beverages, so what gives? Is the star currently pregnant, or did she drop the java for another reason?

Why did Jinger Vuolo give up caffeine?

While Jinger assured her fans that she and husband Jeremy were not expecting a second bundle of joy just yet, the eagle-eyed followers on her Instagram think she might actually be pregnant, according to Ok! Magazine. Jinger’s love of coffee has been well documented, so the second she swapped out her traditional beverage for a decaf option rumors began to swirl.

Jinger, however, claims she has given up caffeine for health reasons. During her pregnancy with Felicity, Jinger bemoaned giving up the beverage, but the pregnancy carried on uneventfully until she gave birth naturally, in a hospital in July.

It is possible that Jinger did give up coffee for health reasons. Caffeine, in some people, can increase anxiety or cause heart palpitations if consumed in large quantities. The reality star didn’t say exactly what her health concern was but noted that giving up coffee was one way of combating the problem.

How old is Jinger Vuolo’s daughter?

Jinger was featured on the February 18 episode of Counting On. Her labor and the delivery of her first child with Jeremy Vuolo was the main focus of the episode, but in reality Felicity has been with the family since July 2018, according to Us Magazine.

The pair, who wed in November 2016 in a sweet ceremony after courting for several months, according to People, regularly share their family’s journey on Instagram. They announced their first pregnancy in early 2018.

While the couple, who live in Laredo, Texas, are extremely religious, they are forging their own path as a family. Jeremy and Jinger appear to have waited more than a year before conceiving; which is an oddity in the Duggar world. Sisters Jessa, Jill, and Joy-Anna were quick to conceive their first children following their weddings. Jinger and Jeremy, however, got to enjoy some time as a couple before settling into life as parents. The couple has never mentioned whether they made the active decision to wait, or if they had difficulty conceiving.

Do Jinger and Jeremy plan to have a supersized family?

The fan favorite, Jinger, has been tight-lipped about her family plans. While the star clearly wants children, she has stopped short of insisting she’s planning a large family like that of her mother’s. While sisters Jessa, now pregnant with her third child, and Jill, currently the mother of two, have both spoken openly about a desire for a large family, Jinger is keeping her plans under wraps.

For his part, Jeremy seems to be leaving the decision up to her. Jeremy, who played professional soccer before becoming a pastor, has one sibling. Felicity is the first grandchild on Jeremy’s side. His parents, who reside in Pennsylvania, made it to Texas to witness the birth of their first granddaughter.