The Real Reason Justin Bieber Doesn’t Want to Talk Too Much About His Mental Health

The mental health of pop stars hasn’t been examined nearly enough, despite generations knowing what superstardom can do to one’s psyche. We’ve seen the destruction of more than a few music superstars over the decades to know there’s almost always a collision course ahead for those in similar shoes.

Justin Bieber has obviously been there and then some. The problem is, his fans didn’t know the mental struggles he was going through until just recently when revealing them in a Vogue interview with Hailey Baldwin.

Will he talk about them again and mention he’s having problems as they transpire? Recent evidence shows he has, though debatable if he’d maintain anything similar.

The contradictory backlash of a pop star talking about their issues

One of the most important things a pop star should do is be open with their fans about what they’re going through. Unfortunately, some fans don’t want to hear about them and would rather keep up the fantasy they create of their pop culture heroes.

Bieber did reveal back in 2016 for GQ that he took Adderall due to his mental illness. At the time, he was only doing what his doctor told him to take. Fans, though, were up in arms about him revealing this.

While it’s true Adderall is a controversial drug, it’s still a mystery why Bieliebers went after Justin when he was at least doing something about his issues.

Since then, he’s been concerned about telling the world when he’s having problems with stress or anxiety. The precedent for this obviously isn’t good.

Have we learned from the tragic outcomes of past pop stars?

Everyone from Elvis to Whitney Houston are part of a long list of tragic deaths due to not receiving help for their problems. It goes beyond drug use and more about being boxed into a corner due to handlers not offering the initiative to get help.

Who can blame anyone for equating Justin Bieber in the same circles? Fortunately, there is a beacon of light behind Bieber. He did manage to wean himself off Adderall with the help of a weight-lifting doctor named Dr. Carlon Colker.

More than that, though, is Bieber’s adamant attention to his religious convictions and being more hyper aware of what caused his problems in the first place.

Yet, how open has he really been when suffering from depression or anxiety? He might be more open than we realize based on one recent Instagram posting.

Bieber’s reminder to fans that he’s still going through issues

One of the best things to happen to Bieber is his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. Both of them are still hanging on, despite signs they’re sometimes on a precipice due to the stress of their careers and life circumstances.

In the above Vogue interview from earlier this year, Bieber spoke with considerable candor about his struggles in the past and how Baldwin keeps him in check. Once in a while, things can still go easily awry.

An Instagram post from Bieber back on March 9 had him admitting to more rough days. His photo showed him backstage before a show doing a group prayer with none other than Kanye West.

Openness like this shows the Biebs isn’t afraid to tell his fans about a problem, even if he doesn’t go into detail.

How much should he really tell his fans?

You can argue just saying you’re struggling is enough to get fans on your side for support. Going into too many details can start to create discord, especially if medications are involved.

Had people like Elvis and other rock stars of the past had social media, they could have done the same thing to realize they weren’t alone. Back then, a lot of them probably thought they were alone and repressed their feelings to their own detriment.

Of course, Bieber taking this more seriously still doesn’t solve the problem of tackling his problems so they aren’t a constant burden. Revising how show business works from top to bottom would be the only way to make sure depression and anxiety aren’t a weekly battle.