The Real Reason Kardashians Almost Never Apologize When Fans Get Mad at Them

Kendall Jenner is currently being slammed by fans on social media thanks to her most recent choice of hairstyle.

Jenner shared the new look on her Instagram stories after taking a vacation with Hailey Baldwin and Justine Skye in Jamaica. Ever since she posted the photo of her hair in cornrows, the Twittersphere has been calling her out hardcore, accusing Jenner of cultural appropriation. “I hope her hair f*cking falls out,” one fan said bluntly.

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This is just one example of hundreds with members of the Kar-Jenner clan being dragged for something they said or did. Kim Kardashian is constantly being accused of Photoshop fails. Khloe’s fans question her every time she promotes weight loss aids. Kylie Jenner has been part of an ongoing feud with Jordyn Woods for months now. Is there any end to the drama?

Kendall hasn’t issued a statement of apology about her hairdo yet and we have every reason to believe she never will. Here’s why the Kardashians aren’t known for apologizing, even when they probably should.

The Kardashian Family
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There’s a new Kardashian scandal every day

Whether it’s something silly like being accused of having too many Birkin bags or something serious, like Kim Kardashian disrespecting an entire culture by naming her new shapewear line “Kimono,” it seems like the dawn of each new day includes some kind of Kar-Jenner catastrophe. It’s almost as if they want it that way.

But this constant deluge of drama is a huge part of the reason they don’t issue formal apologies for every social faux pas they make. If they did say sorry every time a fan reacted negatively, they’d be doing nothing but apologizing 24/7.

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Their apologies can backfire

Though they aren’t drafting apologies on an hourly basis, there are certain occasions when the Kardashians decide to issue formal statements about the things they’ve been accused of. However, those apologies don’t always achieve the intended goals.

It’s hard to forget the time Khloe Kardashian wrote an apology on her Insta stories after fans found out that she started her relationship with then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson when he was still with Jordan Craig — who happened to be pregnant with his baby at the time. Khloe issued a lengthy apology for the incident, saying Thompson told her they were broken up.

But fans were skeptical of the “apology” and accused Khloe of lying, plus attempting to make herself look better. Her reputation suffered even more after she tried to make amends.

Sometimes it’s easier to skip apologizing

Social media makes it easier than ever for fans to connect with celebrities, which can be both good and bad. On one hand, celebrities are able to see all the love and support. But on the other, they can connect with all the negativity like never before.

It would be impossible for the Kardashians — or any famous person — to respond to every single hate comment they received online. With so many scandals constantly going on, most of the time it’s easier to just let the drama pass and wait for the next thing to hit the headlines.

It’s a strategy the Kardashians have been using for years, and based on their overwhelming popularity, it appears to be working for them!