The Real Reason Kate Gosselin Is Starring in the Dating Show ‘Kate Plus Date’

Most of us can’t imagine raising multiple children at once — so when Jon and Kate Gosselin stepped on to the reality TV scene with sextuplets and twins, the world couldn’t help but watch in awe. Jon & Kate Plus 8 aired on TLC and chronicled the lives of the gigantic family — but Jon and Kate’s marriage couldn’t stand strong through the pressure of fame. After a messy legal battle and fights over money and custody, the two are divorced and in better places emotionally. And now, it seems Kate is finally ready to enter the dating scene again.

Kate is returning to TLC with Kate Plus Date

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin | Kate Gosselin via Instagram

Even after Jon and Kate separated, Kate was determined to keep her family in the spotlight with Kate Plus 8. There was certainly interest to have Jon stay on the show, too, even while they were getting a divorce, Us Weekly reports. But Jon chose to step away from the cameras. “I’m not having my divorce filmed. I’m not having it aired out for the public’s consumption. And I’m not having reruns so my children can keep on watching the demise of their parents,” he said.

While Kate Plus 8 was a success at first, this too ran its course. And though she also starred in other reality TV shows, like Dancing with the Stars, we know now that she eventually wanted to include her family in another series that could chronicle her life. Now, we can look forward to her next TLC television venture: Kate Plus Date. TLC reminds us after eight years, Kate is finally ready to move forward and find the man for her.

The reason why dating is more important to Kate than ever

Jon and Kate Gosselin's children
Jon and Kate Gosselin’s children | Kate Gosselin via Instagram

Kate’s No. 1 priority are her kids — but they’re growing up fast. People reminds us the twins, Mady and Cara, started their senior year of high school in 2018. And the sextuplets are also also in eighth grade, meaning they’re soon to be high schoolers. This served as a wake-up call for Kate. Her kids aren’t so little anymore — and it’s time for her to prioritize finding a lifetime partner again.

As Kate told TLC, she realized that her eldest kids were going off to college soon — and she didn’t want them to worry about her being all alone. “But it was very apparent, now that they’re older and talking about dating and how they’re all gonna get married someday … it became apparent: they want someone for me. They want me to have somebody in my life,” Kate said. For that reason, she’s moving forward with this new plan. It’s not just to cure her own loneliness, but to make sure her kids don’t have to worry about her, either.

What are the qualities Kate is looking for in a partner?

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin | Kate Gosselin via Instagram

While Kate told People that she was concerned with being an “old maid” and “spinster” all alone as she aged, she isn’t just looking for any man to fill the void. She told TLC that she wants a confident man who also has a set career path in place. She also wants “a grown-up with their own life, their own agenda, who knows who they are. If someone travels for work, that would be great, because I’m used to being on my own and being self-sufficient.”

As for why she hasn’t just tried online dating before, she also says she thinks dating on camera is a very safe way to go about it. People reports she said, “If I’m going to date someone, I can’t just go out on a date — it’s creepy to me to think of just going out somewhere with some stranger … a camera crew will be there! I’ll be safe!” She also mentioned that Kate Plus Date involves vetting by a professional matchmaker, which ups her chances of finding a quality man.

Is Jon dating anyone?

While Kate is looking for love, it seems Jon has already found it. YourTango notes Jon has been dating Colleen Conrad, a nurse practitioner, since 2015. The publication notes Jon and Colleen had actually known each other for years — and when they got back together, their chemistry made them click instantly. And Colleen has even helped set up Jon’s Go Fund Me when he was in dire straits during his long legal battle with Kate.

These two seem to be a perfect match — so could they possibly get married? Some expect it may be in the cards. Now, we’ll have to wait and see if Kate can also find her perfect match.

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