The Real Reason Kate Middleton Has a New Look and Acts Differently

If you are one of the millions of adoring fans who keeps a close eye on the Royal Family, you may have noticed some recent changes to Kate Middleton’s style.

The Duchess of Cambridge seems much more comfortable and confident these days, and it’s no accident. Does this transformation forebode a welcome acceptance of her future role as queen? Many believe that’s the case. 

Middleton has been known for an approachable style

Kate Middleton smiles at the camera
Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge | AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

Middleton used to make headlines for her blending of high fashion with much more affordable options. She was frequently seen mixing in fast fashion pieces that could be found in everyday casual styles that are readily available at mainstream fashion stores. From a $35 rhinestone necklace to a pair of simple blue pants from Zara, Middleton’s style was seen as very down-to-earth and approachable. 

Of course, even when she’s clad in recognizable brands, she still holds herself to royal standards. For one, the Duchess seemingly has the ability to appear with consistently flawless hair.

No matter the setting—immediately following the birth of her children or out volunteering in the field—Middleton looks polished and capable. Her stylist once revealed that her hair routine includes multiple brushes for different parts of her style.

Some help add body while others add shine. Whatever the routine, it’s clearly working well. 

Middleton’s style has transformed

While Middleton’s classic preferences are still hinted at in her current ensembles, there has been a definite shift in her presentation. These days, Middleton’s style is decidedly more modern and edgy.

This transformation has included adding in garments with more details. Fans will frequently see her in dresses with puffy sleeves or fashionable polka dots. 

Her casual style seems to be fading into the background as she updates her wardrobe to be more sophisticated and regal. 

Her updated style matches her new duties

It isn’t just the outward appearance that has changed for Middleton. She has been increasing her royal duties as well. From her first solo outing with the Queen to an increase in her work with causes supporting women and children, Middleton is certainly behaving more like a queen.

This may be because she is taking steps to prepare herself for this tremendous role in her future. While she is expected to one day be queen, the day is still likely quite a ways in the distance.

Her husband, Prince William, is actually not next in line for the throne. The line of succession hands the seat to Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, who will become the oldest monarch ever to take his place at the head of the kingdom.

Eventually, though, Prince William is expected to ascend to the role himself, and Middleton will become queen consort by his side. 

The updated style and expanded duties for Middleton have come alongside blossoming confidence. While she once found public speaking overwhelming, she now handles it with grace. She makes a concerted effort to be friendly with royal staff members and is building a reputation of being for the people. 

A friend of the Royal Family describes Middleton’s renewed sense of dedication to her current duties and future role: “Kate’s view is that Queen, country and family come first. She is very clear on her priorities and the values that guide how she lives and works.”

Apparently, filling that role is changing the way that she interacts with and presents herself to the world. We can keep an eye out to see how Middleton’s style and actions continue to evolve as she grows ever closer to eventual ascendance into the crucial role of queen.