The Real Reason Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Will Stay Broken Up

Perhaps the public has moved on from talking about the alleged Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods affair. Yet, we never stop and think about what it’s done to sully the life of Khloé Kardashian. While the media has analyzed this cheating scandal to death, you’ll also see those who think Khloé and Tristan can inevitably end back up together.

Can they really after trust has already been breached? Despite Tristan still adamantly denying he had an affair with Jordyn, he’s more or less showing a different side from what Khloé always thought he’d be.

Is it better for them to move on, or will the possibility of this being a publicity stunt bring them together again?

The pro of them getting back together

There isn’t any better benefit of them reuniting than for their daughter, True, to have her natural father in the family. Despite the initial thought Tristan wasn’t the true father, it turns out he really was.

Some might say he was doing ok as a father based on past family photos of them in happier days throughout 2018. However, Khloé hasn’t been too happy lately about Tristan making no effort to see his daughter after the breakup.

Maybe you can argue he can’t because the sparks would fly again. In any case, we know it’s tough for a child to not grow up without a good dad. Because Khloé is also priming her daughter for stardom, having both parents there for support would prevent any sort of tragic Hollywood tale all over again.

Con to them getting back together

The biggest con is that Tristan Thompson is known for being a cheater. Of course, everyone has to be careful saying such things when some of those stories are only alleged. Nevertheless, there is photographic evidence of him kissing another woman last year in a NYC club just before Khloé gave birth to True.

Now with the Jordyn Woods mess, we have to wonder what’s really true there and what isn’t. Still, isn’t it always better to stay away from those who have tendencies to stray romantically?

If they don’t get back together, they can still share custody of True and hopefully give her quality parentage as she grows up within the crazy world of celebrity.

Another pro to them getting back together

Nobody can completely trust any unfolding situation with the Kardashians when you have Keeping Up with the Kardashians covering everything in their lives.

Should there be even a small inkling of this being a publicity stunt for the upcoming new season, you have to hope Khloé and Tristan will rise above it and get their marriage back into shape.

It’s hard to believe there isn’t complete truth to their breakup, though. One can only hope it was a very real and unfortunate event caught in their reality show web. Should this be true, we only hope they’d be able to escape the reality show universe to find some sanity.

Khloé and Tristan may never, ever, get back together

According to some media reports, Tristan wasn’t really ready for marriage from the beginning. No wonder he backed out of proposing to Khloé after saying on social media he eventually would.

Call it tragic to have a daughter first and then realize you really don’t want to commit to a marriage. Khloé hopefully learned her lesson the hard way on this, especially with a busy NBA star who’s on the road most of the year.

All told, they probably will stay broken up for good based on the reasons listed above, plus so much more about the realities of living in the Hollywood bubble. Now we hope Khloé can do what her sister Kourtney has in surviving Scott Disick and start dating other guys who could become a stable stepdad.