The Real Reason Kris Jenner and Wendy Williams Formed a New Friendship

Wendy Williams has been going through a lot of life changes in the past year. The outspoken talk show host filed for divorce from her husband of over two decades in April, and ever since then, has been taking control of her own narrative.

The “new” Wendy Williams has also been forging friendships with people she formerly trash-talked on her show, including Blac Chyna — the two even had a brief feud several years ago. Perhaps the most surprising of Williams’ new friendships is the one she recently established with the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Wendy Williams has dissed the Kardashians on-air

The history of Williams and the Kardashian family is a long and interesting one. Williams is known for being extremely candid on air, talking about celebrities and their personal lives, not always in the most flattering way. She has been tough on Kim Kardashian, saying that she’s desperate for attention and that her marriage to Kanye West is a sham. Williams even recently accused Kardashian of “bullying” fast-food chain Jack in the Box. 

Williams has quite possibly been the most critical of the family’s notorious “momager” Kris Jenner. Williams even refers to Jenner as “that woman” many times on her talk show, and has criticized both her abilities as a mother and her personal conduct. However, all of that seemed to change during Williams’ recent hiatus from the Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams is now friends with Kris Jenner

In early June, during Williams’ vacation, she shared a lot of snapshots to social media, chronicling her new single life. The most surprising snaps were ones that she posted which featured her posing with Jenner, as well as several videos of her with West and Kardashian. Not only were fans shocked at how friendly the group looked, but they wondered why Williams, who had made a career out of trash-talking the family as well as other celebs, was now cultivating their friendship. 

Williams didn’t speak out about the status of the friendship until early July when her talk show returned from hiatus. Williams took the “Hot Topics” portion of her show to discuss how she spent her summer and focused on the newfound chumminess with the Kardashian-Jenner family. She had nothing but praise for the famous family and said that Jenner deserved every ounce of success that she has earned.

Williams even spoke highly of Kardashian and West, complimenting their beautiful home and saying that West was very friendly and welcoming. Finally, she concluded the segment by reassuring her fans that she’s still “Wendy from Jersey,” and that her friendship with the family would not affect her reporting on the show — the only thing that’s changed is that she can now, as she claims, call Jenner the night before each show to confirm details.

The new friendship works for both Wendy Williams and Kris Jenner

Needless to say, many fans are skeptical of the new arrangement. Many believe that her friendship with the Kardashians will change the way that she reports on the family and that the show will never be the same. It is certainly mutually beneficial to both parties. Jenner, the master at controlling the narrative of her family’s fame, is now able to offer up her own “spin” on stories before Williams’ reports them. Williams’ own star is now elevated even higher, as she has forged a connection with the biggest stars of the reality TV world. 

With new episodes of the Wendy Williams Show airing every weekday, fans can keep up with Williams and stay up to date on all the latest details of her unlikely friendship with the Kardashian family.