The Real Reason Lizzo Carried the World’s Tiniest Purse at the ‘AMAs’

If anyone can make an entrance at the 2019 American Music Awards, it’s Lizzo. The “Truth Hurts” singer graced the red carpet in a bright orange Valentino mini dress that stunned. Not to be outdone, Lizzo’s main accessory came in the form of a miniature purse leaving fans and critics wondering “why?” Her reason is 100 percent on brand.

Lizzo performed ‘Jerome’ at the ‘AMAs’

Lizzo at the 'American Music Awards'
Lizzo attends the 2019 American Music Awards | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

For her performance of “Jerome,” Lizzo wore a magenta tulle gown as she positioned herself on a platform in the center of the stage. Before the start, she asked the audience to light up their phones.

“This light represents the love you have for yourself,” she said. “So shine bright!”

She belted out “Jerome,” which is off her 2019 album, Cuz I Love You. The song ended with Lizzo on her knees, belting out one last heart-wrenching note before the end of the performance.

“Jerome” peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 earlier in the year. This was her first live performance at the AMAs.

What’s the deal with that tiny purse?

The biggest question of the night had nothing to do with Lizzo’s nominations or performance. A teeny-tiny purse she carried on the red carpet became the night’s biggest winner.

According to the “Juice” singer, it’s one of three custom-made Valentino purses in the entire world.

When asked about it, she joked about the contents saying she had “tampons, a flask of tequila, and some condoms” inside.

The real reason for the world’s smallest purse? Lizzo gave her statement on Instagram with the caption, “bag big enough for my f**ks to give. Big body b*tch in a Valentin-HO custom look for.”

We’re not sure what answer everyone hoped for but this is why Lizzo is unapologetically 100 percent “that b*tch” and we’re here for it.

Here’s how many awards Lizzo won at the 2019 ‘AMAs’

Though Lizzo is the most nominated artist at the 2020 Grammy Awards, she earned three AMA nominations, including artist of the year.

She didn’t walk away with an award, but we can all look forward to her upcoming collaboration with Justin Timberlake, in which Timberlake previously told Entertainment Tonight the song is, “flames,” adding, “It is so good. I am so excited about it.”

There you have it. The purse came with the sole purpose of making a statement and we hear Lizzo loud and clear.