The Real Reason Meghan Markle Isn’t Afraid to Break Royal Fashion Rules

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Meghan Markle may be the newest royal family member, but that doesn’t mean she’s sticking to all the rules. The Duchess of Sussex has been adapting to the royal way of life on her own terms — at least when it comes to the fashion department.

Every time Markle steps out in public, she manages to look impossibly chic and polished. And by putting her own spin on what “royal fashion” means, she’s taking huge strides in modernizing royalty as a whole. From short hemlines to all-black outfits, she’s already proving Queen Elizabeth II’s rules about royal style could use a refresher. Here’s the real reason Markle isn’t afraid to break royal fashion rules.

She isn’t the first royal to break fashion rules

While Markle may bravely be making her royal style her own, she’s had others before her paving the way by breaking rules from time to time. And with their guidance, Markle hasn’t been afraid to step out in outfits that could be marked as “scandalous.”

Much of her inspiration likely comes from Princess Diana, who always seemed to wear what she wanted, when she wanted. Who can forget Diana’s “revenge dress,” which she wore after Prince Charles admitted to infidelity on TV? It was short, black, sexy, and as un-princess-like as they come.

As Nonie founder Nina Kharey told People, “It’s refreshing that [Markle is] able to confidently wear what she wants. Princess Diana paved the way for that.”

She’s worn styles the queen doesn’t approve of

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Dan Charity – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The queen might not be a fan of certain styles, but that doesn’t mean Markle’s going to give them up. In August 2018, Markle wore a now-iconic tuxedo style dress to a performance of Hamilton with Prince Harry by her side. Her dress was all-black, cut high above the knee, featured a deep neckline, and was worn without pantyhose — all of which would be considered “no-nos” by the queen.

Plus, the dress was designed by the Canadian brand, Judith and Charles — which apparently goes against royal protocol. According to Reader’s Digest, “Typically, royals are expected to wear only British brands.”

This wasn’t deemed Markle’s first rule-breaking outfit, and certainly won’t be her last. After all, she wore another “controversial” outfit just a few days later to the WellChild Awards. She wore all-black yet again (which is typically reserved for funerals). The color scheme, however, wasn’t her boldest move.

She was wearing a power suit, which is apparently the queen’s biggest fashion pet peeve. A source told People, “[Markle] has found certain rules in the royal household difficult to understand, like the fact that the queen prefers women in dresses or skirts rather than trouser suits, and is often asking Harry why things have to be done in a certain way.”

She’s broken from her pink-wearing ways

Markle may now be stepping out in edgier royal outfits, but it took a bit of time for her to hone in on her style. In her first few months of royalty, many fans noticed Markle wearing modest dresses in shades of blush pink — and lots of them.

She wasn’t just going for pink because it looked great on her (though it definitely did). According to applied color psychology practitioner Karen Haller, she was wearing the shade for practical reasons. Haller explained that pink tones have a “calming effect” for the wearer. “The number of high profile engagements Meghan has had since officially becoming a member of the royal family would no doubt be quite nerve wracking.”

Haller added, “As the softer end of the pink spectrum is physically soothing, it’s the perfect antidote to calming those nerves and easing the pulse rate.”

She’s sticking to who she is

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle at the 12th annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards | Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Now that Markle has seemingly grown more comfortable as a royal, she hasn’t been afraid to touch base with her own personal style again. After all, we’ve seen her donning sexier cuts and trendier styles on red carpets during her time as a celebrity — and she definitely seems to be sticking to those roots.

As editor Christine Ross told E! News, “This really shows that Meghan is not taking style notes from anyone. She’s doing it her own way, and staying true to herself as her role in the royal family grows.”