The Real Reason Pete Davidson Quit Instagram After Breaking Up With Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande | Ariana Grande via Instagram

Hollywood is full of whirlwind romances and Peter Davidson and Ariana Grande certainly qualify. The two were an unlikely pair that moved a mile a minute in their relationship.

While fans may not have been placing bets on the couples falling out, the quick moving nature of it certainly raised eyebrows. After all, they went from dating to engaged to going their separate ways in a couple of months.

After the breakup, Davidson made his fair share of jokes on Saturday Night Live to cope. Ariana Grande decided to write a song, Thank U Next, to help her get her feelings out. She even name drops Davidson to let him and her fans know she’s directing the song at him. While both are doing what they can, it’s clear that the SNL superstar is taking the split to heart. 

A look at Davidson and Grande’s relationship

The SNL comedian met the famous songstress in March 2016 when she came on the show as a guest. Fast forward two years to May 2018 and Grande posts an emotional Instagram update announcing a split from her longtime love, Mac Miller. Just two days after the breakup Davidson and Grande are spotted together at an SNL party. Two days after that Davidson and Grande swap places with him announcing his breakup with Cazzie David.

Later that month the two were official, at least on a casual level…providing you count matching tatts as casual! By June Davidson and Grande were engaged. In August Davidson revealed that he told the singer he would marry her on the day they met back in 2016. He even sent her pictures of engagement rings to show he was serious! Two months after their engagement announcement, their breakup went public, shocking fans. While they may be a part for now, there is talk that they may get back together in the future. 

Davidson is shifting his focus to his career

Their relationship may have been short-lived but its clear that it had a significant impact on both of them. There were lots of PDA, matching tatts, and social media sharing that showed the two were very much in love.  To help him cope with the loss of his lady love, Davidson plans to focus on his career. Outside of his consistent hilarious work with SNL he has several projects in the works. He will be Jack in Going Places, Tom Zutaut in The Dirt, and is working on an untitled project with Judd Apatow which is slated to release in 2020.

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale?

It’s not just his career that’s helping the comedian move forward. He was spotted flirting with the beautiful Kate Beckinsale earlier this year at the Golden Globes after party. It wasn’t just him putting on the moves either. Apparently the two were taking turns laying on the charm the entire night. Clearly they hit it off! Considering how heartbroken Davidson has been about Grande, this is just the type of attention he needed to smile again! The two bid adieu with a friendly hug. 

Word on the grapevine is that the Davidson and Beckinsale have spent some time together. While neither are putting all their eggs in one basket, Beckinsale has admitted that she likes Davidson and enjoys the time she spends with him. According to a reliable source, “Kate thinks he’s the sweetest and nicest guy.” Perhaps the perfect timing will be the key to getting the comedian back on track!

Why did Pete Davidson quit Instagram?

The internet is known to put a damper on many people’s moods. There is just so much content being thrown at viewers, at least half of that content is triggering for various reasons. Studies have even shown that social media use can actually cause depression. With all that being said, it’s no surprise that Davidson decided to take a break.

Davidson admitted that he doesn’t think being online is a good thing and that the internet wasn’t making him happy. Obviously being online means he’ll be bombarded with news about his ex, but even general negative press weighs him down. He doesn’t seem to have any plans to return to social media or the internet any time soon, but time will tell.