The Real Reason ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham was Ordered to Take Anger Management Classes

Thanks to MTV and social media, fans have been following Farrah Abraham for years. Her fame began with 16 and Pregnant, where she was able to chronicle her teen pregnancy with her daughter, Sophia. Now, we know Farrah best for her stint on Teen Mom OG, where her polarizing personality and the drama she brought to the set stood as highlights. She may no longer be affiliated with the program anymore, but fans can still keep up with her on other reality TV shows and, of course, on Instagram.

While she was let go from Teen Mom due to reportedly being difficult to work with on set, it seems she also ran into some trouble with the law. Here’s why she was most recently ordered to take anger management classes.

Farrah was in trouble with the law after resisting arrest in 2018

Things may seem totally peachy according to Farrah’s Instagram and other social media, but fans remember back in 2018 when the star was in trouble with the law. According to People, Farrah had an altercation with an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel back in June 2018. A spokesperson explained that a hotel security officer asked Farrah to leave the premises after she became involved in a verbal altercation with guests staying at the hotel. “The security officer reported that Abraham struck him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed him in the face as he attempted to prevent her from re-entering the hotel,” the spokesperson went on. Reports also included that she showed “signs of intoxication.”

Farrah was then arrested on the scene for misdemeanor battery and trespassing. And while her mother later stated that the entire scene had been “blown out of proportion” by the media, it appears the Teen Mom star was still in the wrong and reprimanded in the court of law.

She recently completed her anger management courses

Farrah didn’t come out of this one unscathed. While Teen Mom producers have remarked on her troublesome behavior before, Radar Online reports after the arrest, the star was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and anger management. And according to Los Angeles County D.A. spokesperson Ricardo Santiago, Farrah has completed both of these tasks just recently.

While the battery charge ended up being dismissed, the whole debacle isn’t totally behind Farrah just yet. She still has fines and fees to pay — and she’s also been ordered to permanently stay far away from the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge.

Farrah was also recently blasted by a celebrity boxing promoter for her alleged difficulties

Farrah may not do too many stints in anger management, but this is far from the first time celebrities and others have blasted her for her attitude. We can’t forget when celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman most recently sued her due to her dropping out of the match she was contractually promised to go through with, TMZ reports. Damon also claimed that Farrah was totally broke and took money from him that he fully intends on getting back. “She’s broke and was getting evicted. But this is it. I’m exposing her and I’m not letting this go. Honestly, she is a disgrace,” Radar Online reports he said. “She’s the fakest person I have ever dealt with.”

Farrah denied all of these accusations, and we’re not sure where this legal case stands as of now. Perhaps now that she’s moving on from the Beverly Hills hotel drama, she can deal with Damon’s legal battle next.

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