The Real Reason the Duggar Family Supports Donald Trump

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggar family for over a decade now — and, believe it or not, their gigantic family has only expanded over the years. It all began with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, a happy couple from Arkansas who believed in having as many children as God would allow. Now, 19 children later, many of the Duggar children who first appeared on TV as teens are now grown with families of their own. And viewers get to see what they’re up to thanks to Counting On.

We know the Duggars have an ultra-conservative upbringing, so they naturally support Donald Trump as well. Here are the policies tied to the Republican party that resonate with the Duggar family the most

Jim Bob Duggar has served as a Republican member of the House of Representatives in the past

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Those who have watched any of the Duggar shows know how right-leaning Jim Bob and Michelle are. And it’s also important to note that before Jim Bob even became famous, he was serving as a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives from 1999 to 2002, Romper notes. The publication also notes that he didn’t seek reelection for his seat in the House in 2002 because he then went for a seat in the senate. He ran in the Senate Republican primary election, but ultimately lost to a Democrat.

It seems everything worked out in the end for Jim Bob, though, as his 19 kids have certainly kept his hands full over the years. And he never faced much backlash from family or fans for his political stances, either.

The Duggar’s views on same-sex marriage and abortion made them vote Trump

The Duggar family is known for having strict, right-leaning values — and that seems to be one of the biggest reasons as to why they support President Trump. We can’t forget that Jim Bob himself introduced three pieces of anti-abortion legislation while in the House, Romper reminds us. And other Duggar family members have also taken it upon themselves to condemn abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgender rights.

They haven’t been able to get away with all of their beliefs without public backlash, however. In Touch Weekly reports Michelle wrote about the violence that took place in Charlottesville on Facebook, and her followers weren’t having it. “Please focus on the world now,” one fan commented. “Please denounce racism and hatred. Jesus focused on the world and made it better everyday. As a family that many admire, you can do the Lord’s work by speaking out about hate.”

And we can’t forget when Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar’s husband, also got himself in trouble for speaking out about his political views. Not only did he get himself kicked off of Counting On because of transphobic and homophobic tweets, but he also tried to speak up about the racist acts in Charlottesville. “Praying [for] those affected by these unacceptable violent acts of hatred. Racism is evil!” he tweeted. It didn’t go over too well, as one follower replied back, “If you’re being sincere, then you need to think twice about your support of Donald Trump.”

One member of the family didn’t vote for Trump, however

Are all the Duggars on the same page when it comes to their right-leaning politics? It seems Ben Seewald, Jessa’s husband, has mixed feelings about Trump’s policies. Romper notes he even publicly criticized the president when he re-tweeted, “Trump’s 2005 remarks about women is completely contrary to everything that we believe in as Christians,” back in 2016.

That doesn’t mean he voted for Hillary, though. Ben also retweeted, “Evangelicals don’t trust Clinton with SCOTUS or executive orders and Trump with nuclear codes or our wives.” It looks like his politics were somewhere in between.

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