The Real Reason the Duggars Barely Serve Any Food at Their Weddings

The gigantic Duggar family is far from average, and that’s exactly why they’ve attained such fame over the years. It all began with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as they allowed TLC cameras to chronicle their lives in 17 Kids and Counting. Now, we know the couple has a total of 19 kids — and they’re all growing up fast. While their youngest daughter is just 9, many of their kids are in their 20s, married, and bringing their own children into the world.

We’ve seen multiple Duggar weddings at this point, and while the first kiss is always a huge draw, fans couldn’t help but notice the other customs that occur. And it seems one such trend is that the guests at the weddings aren’t fed meals. According to what fans have noticed, here’s why.

A Duggar wedding always includes a huge guest list

From the moment the Duggars begin courting to the moment they walk down the aisle, there are plenty of traditions the family loves to uphold. And it seems one of the unwritten wedding rules is that the lovers tie the knot in front of a massive group of people. In Touch Weekly reminds us just how many people have been in attendance at Duggar weddings over the years — and it’s way more than the usual. Josh Duggar’s wedding to Anna seemingly had the fewest number of guests at around 300 — and Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick had around 2,000 people.

Considering how huge the Duggar family is, just their close and extended family members alone make up over 100 guests, the publication notes. And since they’re so close with their church, it’s likely community churchgoers are also invited to the nuptials. Since the more recent Duggar weddings have all seemingly had at least 1,000 guests in attendance, they’ll probably continue this trend as more family member get married, too.

The Duggars are thrifty, resulting in just snacks and finger food at the wedding

It’d be tough to provide over 1,000 guests at a wedding with a full meal — and considering Jim Bob has reportedly said he keeps each wedding capped around $10,000 to $20,000, there’s no way he would want to shell out the funds to feed this many people, either. Even so, fans of the Duggar family have noticed that the guests at the wedding don’t really get fed, as there are only snacks available on the big day. As one Reddit user noted, “FOOD for all your guests is what gets you into the big numbers. For most weddings, the food budget is the biggest.” And another Reddit user added, “I was rewatching Joy’s episodes up to her wedding and I will never get over the fact that she said that popcorn, pretzels and other snacks were ‘food’ for her guests.”

It’s clear fans dislike this aspect of the Duggar weddings, too. “The Duggars straight up don’t feed their guests. … if you are hosting an event where your loved ones have to travel and spend time, money, and energy on you, it is absolutely incumbent upon you to d*** well feed them,” one Reddit user said. Though they also added that giving each guest a meal would skyrocket the overall wedding cost way into the million dollar range. For the thrifty Duggars, this would be out of the question.

Fans think all of the other weddings the Duggars attend are similar

It’s clear fans find the Duggar tradition of not having any real food at their weddings totally unacceptable — but it could just be a cultural aspect for the family that others don’t abide by. One Reddit user had a theory as to why the Duggars only have snacks on their big day, and it totally holds up. “Every wedding they go to is probably done on the cheap, Michaela Bates had sandwiches at her wedding. So by their standards/expectations the food they provide is fine,” the Reddit user wrote. And another added, “I think they’re just used to weddings being more casual. It seems to be the norm for fundies to have huge weddings with lots of people they’re probably not very close with, kids, babies, and casual receptions without full sit-down meals.”

It might not be the way many others are doing their weddings, but the guests certainly don’t seem to mind the lack of meals. Considering this is the way the family’s always done it, it’s likely not slated to change, either.

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