‘The Real’: Who is Jeannie Mai’s New Boyfriend?

Getting over a breakup is no easy feat. Especially, when it comes after over 10 years of being together. But that’s exactly what The Real’s Jeannie Mai is doing.

Mai has spoken openly on the talk show about her split from her ex-husband Freddy Harteis. Audiences have cried with her as she explained how heartbreaking it was to have to leave someone that she was with for a huge portion of her life.

But now, Mai is all smiles again as she has finally found someone new.

Why did Mai get divorced?

In 2014, Mai began sharing the issues that she and Harteis were going through on The Real.

“You know how much I love Freddy, my husband,” she told her cohosts. “He’s my life. And before we got married, I was very clear about the fact that I probably would not have kids, just because I’ve never felt that. And now, getting older, he definitely seems like he wants kids, and he actually came out and said that he wants children.”

Though she loved him, she couldn’t bring herself to have a child for her husband.

“I guess it’s just really hard because I can’t just have a child for another person, and you don’t have a child to save your marriage, but we are in love, and we are enjoying life, and he’s my Freddy, and I’m his Jeannie, and we don’t have any other problems except that, which, you never know what could happen in the future,” she continued. “So right now we are clinging to each other, and we’re waiting for God to kind of tell us what that means, and it’s kind of weird to go to sleep every single night holding on to that person you love so much, not knowing where it’s gonna go.”

In 2016, she considered freezing her eggs, but ultimately decided not to. By October 2017, the couple announced that they were getting a divorce.

Who is Mai’s new boyfriend?

But there’s always a rainbow after the rain and love after heartbreak. It seems like Mai may be well on her way to finding that love with rapper Young Jeezy.

Rumors first began circulating about Mai and Jeezy after Khloe Kardashian’s best friend Malika Haqq shared a picture of the two on what looked like a couples night out with Haqq and her boyfriend, O.T. Genasis, and Lori Harvey and Trey Songz in January.

She addressed the photo later on The Real.

“Jeezy and I hang out,” she said. “He’s very special to me, so we don’t really have a label to define what it is we’re doing. We’re just having a good time together.”

Jeezy and Mai go public

Though Mai had spoken about Jeezy on air, the two never came out and admitted to being in a relationship.

But last week, Jeezy and Mai attended the SnoBall Gala together.

“The couple walked into the event arm-in-arm and were all smiles through the night,” a rep for Jeezy told People.

Mai was there supporting the rapper as he won a Phoenix Award for his work with young kids. This was their first public appearance together.