‘The Real World: New York’ Andre Comeau Says the Show Is Very Real

Andre Comeau from The Real World: New York disputes Becky Blasband‘s assertion that the show was not real. He says everything that went down in the loft was extremely real because he lived it.

So is the MTV series fake? “Nope,” he said, mocking the way Blasband replied to Norman Korpi’s question if their friendship was real. He laughed, “No that was all real,” Comeau told People TV’s, Daryn Carp. “I was there. I saw it with my own two eyes and my own two ears.” He added, “I saw someone paint themself into a corner, and rather than, you know, try to ease her way out, she chewed her own foot off to get out of it. And it was not a very … it was ill-advised.”

Kevin Powell talking on phone as roomies Andre Comeau, Julie Oliver (Genry), Eric Nies, Heather Gardner, Norm Korpi, & Becky Blasband party
Kevin Powell talking on phone as roomies Andre Comeau, Julie Oliver (Genry), Eric Nies, Heather Gardner, Norm Korpi, & Becky Blasband party | Mario Ruiz/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

Andre Comeau admits Becky Blasband felt blindsided by the conversation but she should have returned

Blasband left the show after a heated argument about race with Kevin Powell. After speaking with Julie Gentry outside of the loft, Blasband agreed to meet with the cast via FaceTime. Powell wanted to first speak with Blasband privately. But that conversation did not go any better than the original one they had in the loft.

Comeau wished Blasband would have handled the situation differently. “I know that Becky felt a little blindsided by the conversation, that she wasn’t really expecting to be confronted with the conversation that she had with Kevin back in the ’90s,” he said.

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“I would have thought that she should have expected that,” he said. “I was expecting it. And I’m still expecting some of the things that I said to come back and haunt me because we all know what we’re getting into. I mean, we all know that – cameras are on and they want to create some, you know … that they want us to discuss some of the issues of the day and certainly, race and the difficulties with communicating our viewpoints are always a hot topic. I would say that some of the things that Becky said were ill-advised and probably not very well thought out.”

Should Norman Korpi have told Becky Blasband to ‘shut up’?

Out of total exasperation, Korpi begged Blasband to stop talking during the latest conversation in the loft. In fact, he finally yelled “shut up” which stung both Korpi and Blasband.

But Comeau said someone had to get Blasband to stop talking. She wasn’t listening and kept trying to force her point. “She wouldn’t stop interrupting people,” he recalled. “We were all there. I mean, I myself said, you know, instead of shut up, I said, try to listen more. Try to listen more, you know, which is in a sense, stop talking and start listening.”

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“To say shut up is is not a nice phrase to to to yell at somebody,” he admitted. “But I understand the frustration. And she was interrupting, simple as that. Any time, you know, when Kevin tried to make his point, she would interrupt defensively.”

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