The Real Reason Jenelle Evans Is No Longer On ‘Teen Mom’

Jenelle Evans was an incredibly controversial Teen Mom castmember. Even when she’s not on the show she has a way of causing outrage and wreaking havoc. But some drama is even too much for reality TV. So what exactly did Jenelle do to get kicked off the show for good?

Jenelle Evans’ Teen Mom journey began on 16 and Pregnant. Compared to other reality TV content, the season was by no means tame but compared to Jenelle’s future Teen Mom 2 content, the season was rated PG. It detailed Jenelle’s relationship with her mom, Barbara, and break up with the father of her baby, Andrew Lewis.

Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images
Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Then Teen Mom 2 happened in 2011 and everything was taken up a notch. Viewers got an intimate look at Jennelle’s heroin use, legal battles, abortion, and ever-growing complicated relationships. MTV was, apparently, comfortable with all this content because, well, they aired it.

Until, one day, the drama surrounding Jennelle Evans went too far.  

Why Jenelle Evans isn’t on ‘Teen Mom’ anymore

Tragedy struck when Jenelle’s husband allegedly shot and killed their French Bulldog, Nugget. David came clean about killing Nugget on Instagram (which he has since deleted). At the time, David had already been let go by MTV after they found a series of homophobic tweets of his. After Nugget was killed, the network parted ways with Jenelle as well.

Additionally, Jennelle Evans has temporarily lost custody of her children after Nugget’s death. Jace and Ensley are staying with Jenelle’s mom and Kaiser is with his father and grandmother.    

There’s a chance Jenelle Evens could return to ‘Teen Mom’

It should be noted that Jenelle wouldn’t have been on the most recent season of Teen Mom OG anyway. She entered the franchise for Teen Mom 2 so she’s not part of the original cast.

Since all the Teen Mom 2 drama went down, the Teen Mom OGs have made a distinct point to separate themselves.  

“We’re completely different casts. We were the first ever cast. I already feel separated from them in a way,” Lowell, 27, told Us Weekly. “Your show might be similar but we’re the OGs. It’s just different.”

They think themselves to be “on a different level,” said Portwood. “I feel like our friendship and the level that we’re on with each other, they’re just not there. That’s what keeps this a bond. Cheyenne, she fit right in. It’s just different, and we like it that way. We make sure it is that way.”  

But could Jenelle ever return to Teen Mom? Possibly. MTV’s statement in regards to Jenelle said they didn’t have plans to film her next season. That sounds much less severe than when they “ended [their] relationship” with David Eason. If Jenelle and David were to officially break up for good, MTV could very well consider including Jenelle again.

For now, Jenelle seems to be in a fine place with MTV. “I hold a special place in my heart for MTV and the producers! I shared 10 years of my life with them! I wish them nothing but success,” she said.