The Reason Melania Trump Really Hates Living in the White House With Donald Trump

Much has been made about Melania Trump’s time living in the White House with her husband, President Donald Trump, as sources have claimed that she cannot stand it.

When she first moved into her new home in summer 2017, the first lady said that she was settling in well and called it “a very special place.” But because of her body language, and a few statements she’s made, many believe otherwise.

So, is it true? Does Melania really hate living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Here’s why some say she doesn’t like it at all  — including the reason she isn’t enjoying her new lifestyle (page 8).

Melania Trump and Barron move into White House

Melania and Barron Trump

Melania and Barron delayed their move into the White House. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

The First Lady and her son, Barron, did not move into the White House with the president right away. This raised some eyebrows, but it was explained that she stayed behind in New York so their son could finish his school year there.

However, multiple sources have claimed that Melania simply loved her life in her luxurious Trump Tower penthouse and did not want to have to actually move to Washington D.C.

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