The Real Reason Princess Diana and Prince Charles Could Both Be Seen as a ‘Sacrificial Lamb’

The marriage between the Prince and Princess of Wales is known to have been anything but happy. They both must have realized that they were stuck with the wrong person but were bound by duty to carry on. They had their children, Prince William and Prince Harry, but something was still missing between them. Eventually, they got up the courage to separate and eventually divorce, but not before things got a little out of hand.

Princess Diana’s biography is released and changes everything

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Princes Harry and Prince William
Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Princes Harry and Prince William | Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Princess Diana took part in taped conversations with Dr. James Colthurst for the purposes of creating material for her biography that was written by Andrew Morton in 1992. He also released some of her transcribed words that were shocking to say the least. The biography, called Diana: Her True Story, changed the way the world would forever view the royal marriage.

‘The sacrificial lamb’

It’s quite obvious to people looking from the outside how Princess Diana was seen as a lamb to the slaughter. She had no idea what she was in for and she suffered immensely as it is now widely known.

“He’d found the virgin, the sacrificial lamb – and in a way, he was obsessed with me, but it was hot and cold, hot and cold, you never knew what mood it was going to be, up and down, up and down,” Diana said in the tapes. “You never knew what mood it was going to be, up and down, up and down.”

How Prince Charles could also be seen as a ‘sacrificial lamb’

Diana saw herself as a “sacrificial lamb,” but in contrast, Charles might be viewed the same way. Penny Junor, the royal author of The Firm, explained why. “Diana talked about being a sacrificial lamb. But, let’s face it, Charles was too,” Junor wrote. “Born into the Royal Family as an elder son and heir, he had to marry, had to breed, and didn’t have the luxury that most other men in life have of choice, either about a career or a partner.”

The marriage was ‘hopeless’

The Prince and Princess of Wales
The Prince and Princess of Wales | Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

As the heir to the British monarchy, it’s understandable that Prince Charles would have to do things he may not want to do. His marriage to Princess Diana could very well have been one of those. They were notoriously unhappy and the marriage led to divorce in the end.

“A stronger character might have been able to stand up to the pressures that were forcing him towards a hopeless marriage,” Junor continued. “But Charles had neither the strength nor the self-confidence to call a halt, and allowed himself to be swept along by others in the vain belief that he was doing the right thing; doing his duty. Charles had spent his life doing what was expected and required of him. That is the curse of his birthright.”

Both Princess Diana and Prince Charles could be seen as sacrificial lambs. They both suffered in their marriage and tried to do what was expected of them despite their own unhappiness. The Prince and Princess of Wales finally divorced in 1996.