The Real Reason Princess Diana Didn’t Like Being Called This 1 Name

Princess Diana was known as an advocate and humanitarian that only seemed to want the best for others. Even after her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana continued her groundbreaking work. A major project she worked on was working towards the removal of landmines. She received a lot of criticism for getting involved, and it affected her since all she wanted was to help other people.

Princess Diana’s visit to Angola was groundbreaking

Princess Diana
Princess Diana visits a landmine minefield | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

The year of her tragic death in 1997, Princess Diana visited Angola to show support for the removal of landmines with the end goal being a worldwide ban on them. Her work was inspiring and helped shed a light on the disastrous effects of landmines when she visited hospitals full of people who were affected. The pictures of Diana walking through an active minefield and visiting children who lost limbs helped change the image about what was really going on.

Diana in Angola was huge news at the time

On the BBC Radio 5 Live podcast called Images of Diana, Natasha Kaplinsky talked to a journalist named Christina Lamb about Diana’s trip and how many people misconstrued the entire thing. “[Diana’s] trip to Angola was the main story every day in the bulletin, you know, it was big. The pictures were everywhere, and that raised the profile on the issue,” Lamb explained.

Princess Diana’s dream was finally realized with the Ottawa Treaty. “At the end of the year, the Landmine Ban [Ottawa] Treaty was signed – would it have been if it had not have been for Diana’s visit, I don’t know, but definitely she focused attention on it,” Lamb continued.

Princess Diana earned a new nickname for her efforts

Princess Diana
Princess Diana with children injured by mines in Luanda, Angola | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Princess Diana’s trip to Angola definitely made headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. Many thought she shouldn’t have gotten herself involved, even though Diana was trying to better the world with her advocacy efforts. “[But] the trip didn’t all go according to plan. Back in London, the junior defense minister, Earl Howe called her a ‘loose cannon,’” Kaplinsky said.

Diana didn’t let the insult slide and let everyone know that she wanted to help these people. “I’m only trying to highlight a problem that’s going on all around the world. That’s all,” Diana said to a reporter during the conflict.

Diana didn’t like the nickname at all

Obviously, Diana wasn’t too keen on her nickname of “loose cannon” or all the negative criticism revolving around what she was doing. “Christina, Diana was upset wasn’t she, by that criticism?” Kaplinsky said. “She thought she was out there trying to focus attention on this issue, and people were using it for politics, and you know, she didn’t have any kind of ulterior motive in being there.”

“You could argue that you that she was trying to change her image, but she definitely made people focus on it, who might not have otherwise thought about it at all,” Lamb said.

Diana may be gone, but her advocacy efforts live on in her sons Prince William and Prince Harry who have picked up the mantle of the landmine issue. Princess Diana’s work arguably changed the world.