The Reason Princess Diana Once Sent Burt Reynolds a Thank You Note

Burt Reynolds - Princess Diana

Burt Reynolds – Princess Diana | All News Channel via YouTube

Burt Reynolds once did something that Princess Diana viewed as a huge favor and she sent him a thank you note to show her appreciation.

Following the legendary actor’s death on Sept. 6, 2018, a report surfaced about the surprising message the late princess had sent to him years ago. As People noted, when Reynolds and his second wife, Loni Anderson, announced their split in 1993 “the press went into high gear” because of how nasty their breakup was.

Anderson accused Reynolds of being physically abusive towards her and unfaithful during their marriage. The Smokey and the Bandit star admitted that he got involved with another woman but said that was only after Anderson cheated on him. “I caught her cheating on me,” he said during an interview. “And so I just … I made a decision to call it off.”

For their divorce settlement, Reynolds agreed to pay the WKRP in Cincinnati actress one lump sum of $234,794 plus $15,000 a month in support. Two years after that, he ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in which he cited $6.6 million in assets and $11.2 million in debts.

In his 2015 memoir titled But Enough About Me, the star wrote that when he was married to Anderson the pair had to buy “everything in triplicate, from every day dresses to jewelry to china and linens.” He also claimed that his ex refused to wear an outfit more than once if it had been photographed and maxed out a “platinum American Express card with a $45,000 credit limit” in 90 minutes.

Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds arrive at the 1991 Emmy Awards

Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds. | Alan Light/ Wikimedia Commons

Reynolds later stated that marrying Anderson, who he adopted a son named Quinton with, was a mistake. “I should have known that you don’t marry an actress,” the star said. “That was a really dumb move on my part.”

All their divorce drama took over the tabloids and kept Princess Diana out of them. Prior to Reynolds and Anderson’s announcement that they were ending their marriage, the Princess of Wales and Prince Charles had announced their separation. After that, stories were published almost daily about the two royals and their extramarital affairs. So when Reynolds’ bitter breakup made the front page news instead, the princess penned a personal thank you note to him.

“Princess Diana sent me a thank you note for keeping her off the cover of People Magazine,” he wrote in his book.

Once the divorce between Reynolds and Anderson was finalized, the media went back to following Diana’s every move and that continued right up until her death in 1997.

Hours after it was announced that Reynolds died from cardiac arrest, Anderson released a statement which read, “Quinton and I are extremely touched by the tremendous outpouring of love and support from friends and family throughout the world. Burt was a wonderful director and actor. He was a big part of my life for twelve years and Quinton’s father for thirty years. We will miss him and his great laugh.”

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