The Reason Selena Gomez Will Never be Sexual in Her Music Videos Again

Over the years, we have seen Selena Gomez grow from a sweet, innocent girl on Barney and Friends to a strong, independent woman. And with her independence has also come a new degree of sexiness since her days at Disney have come to an end.

Gomez may now be barring it all with her newest songs like “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now,” but she’s actually heading in a completely different route with her music videos.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez | Mark RALSTON / AFP) (Photo by MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Why does Selena Gomez want to be more conservative?

Gomez may be an international superstar, but the role that she takes most seriously is her job as a big sister. While at her iHeartRadio Album Release Party, Gomez did a Q&A session with Jojo Wright from KIIS FM. During the interview, her super sexy music video for “Hands to Myself” played.

“I didn’t know you were going to play the video,” Gomez said. “My sister is here. I told my sister [Gracie] I will not be doing videos like that anymore. It’s not really necessary, in my opinion.”

What is Gomez excited about with her new music?

Gomez’s new album, Rare, dropped today and Gomez couldn’t be more excited for fans to hear the new music.

“I sound like such a nerd, but I cannot wait for [Rare] to come out,” Gomez said in an interview with iHeartRadio. “It has taken a few years, and things that started in the beginning are solid and still a part of my record, and then some just came naturally and just … it was so easy. I mean, I shouldn’t say that. I was actually kind of a nightmare, but it was very easy to me when I sat down with the records and said, ‘This is exactly how it’s supposed to sound.’ So, the other ones are different and fun.”

“It actually surprised me, some of the stuff that I’d been able to be a part of. So, it’s about vulnerability, it’s about strength, having fun, not letting yourself stay in a dark place, ’cause I tend to do that a lot. If something happens, I tend to kinda sit in it. And I’ve gotten better over time [at] understanding that it’s okay to feel it, but actually staying in it and pulling yourself back up again is one of the most rewarding processes.”

What has Gomez learned over the years?

Gomez has had a rough few years. She ended her on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber and had to watch him marry someone else. And she underwent a kidney transplant in relation to her lupus. But through it all, she has learned how to cope and enjoy the good moments.

“One of my friends looked at me when I was crying and … it was just very soon, and she said, ‘It’s okay. It’s okay to cry about something good. You should be happy that you’re crying.’ And it was overwhelming, but that just stuck with me,” Gomez said.

“And I believe in therapy, I believe in taking time, learning everything there is to know. I don’t have myself figured out at all, but I did find that peace in me where I was able to say I could share this, and this is how I’m [going to] feel good about doing that, and I’m in a good place, and I think this is right for me. So I think what I’ve learned is what I can handle and what I can’t handle. I definitely feel a lot stronger, and I feel more aware of my feelings than I ever have. It’s all self-discovering, and I’m enjoying doing that.”