The Reason Why ‘Wandavision’ Star Paul Bettany Feels He Has To ‘Back Off’ His Performances When Playing Vision

Paul Bettany has been getting a lot of attention from Marvel fans since the launch of the new Disney+ series Wandavision. On the show, he reprises his role as Vision, a character he originally played in the Captain America and Avengers franchises.

One of the most notable things about his character is Vison’s unique look. Vision is an android wrapped in purple skin with a mind stone implanted in his head, so it goes without saying that he’s one of the more unusual-looking characters in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Although Bettany thoroughly enjoys his role as Vision, he recently stated that he feels compelled to “back off” his performance when he’s in character for one particular reason. 

Paul Bettany has to tone down his performance when he plays Vision 

Paul Bettany gestures on stage after the 'Margin Call' Premiere during day two of the 61st Berlin International Film Festival
Paul Bettany gestures on stage after the ‘Margin Call’ Premiere | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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Bettany discussed the requirements of the role during a recent conversation with BBC Radio 1. During the talk, he stated that Vision’s appearance forces him to tone down his performances, as there’s a chance he could overwhelm viewers if he doesn’t. 

“An awful lot is going on when you’re purple, you know what I mean? Bettany said. “You kinda gotta slightly back off the performance a little bit because you’re purple.”

Putting on the Vision costume has gotten easier for him over the years

Although the purple costume Bettany wears can be a lot for viewers to take in at times, it’s used to be even more intense for Bettany. In prior years he used to have to go through an extensive makeup process, but now it’s easier for him to put on the costume. 

“It has gotten easier, it’s less claustrophobic,” he admitted. 

He no longer has to have his entire head covered when he’s shooting his scenes, which makes him feel freer. 

“It still starts under my eyebrows and goes all over the back, but my ears are free, I don’t want to have to wear the big cowl, they just make that in post,” Bettany said.

His favorite scenes as Vison involve Thor’s hammer and dying twice 

With numerous Marvel movies under his belt at this point in his career, Bettany has had to shoot countless scenes as Vision. However, there are a few scenes that are most memorable for him. 

Specifically, Bettany enjoyed lifting up Thor’s hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron

“Yeah, loved that moment, and loved being in an audience and watching everybody react to that,” Bettany said. “Like, the fans, the real dyed in the wool fans, just went, ‘Oh no!’ And it was—that was great.”

He also had a great time filming the Avengers: Infinity Wars scenes in which he had to die. 

“I really loved dying twice … I really loved when the Russos came up to me and Lizzie and were like, ‘Can you just um’—and he was laughing because he knew what a difficult request it was—and went, ‘Can you just like, improvise around the death scene,” Bettany said. 
Bettany can be seen in Wandavision, which is available for streaming on Disney+.