The Rebellious Reason Beyoncé Stopped Sharing Personal Information

We’ve seen plenty of celebrity interviews over the years that were more than a little uncomfortable due to forced prying into their private lives. While some celebs are willing to be transparent about their lives, not all are. Beyoncé is one who used to be fairly open in interviews, if back in the days before she essentially went beyond superstardom in the music industry.

Now with her involvement with The Lion King, many wonder why she isn’t out doing interviews to promote the film. Not that it really needs any promotion. Regardless, why is she not doing interviews in general anymore?

Bey has given explanations herself, and via her publicist. It’s mostly due to image, even if we think she’ll need to explain some things eventually.

Beyoncé has feared her personal life disrupting the views of her music

When you start to look a little deeper into Beyoncé’s career, you see how much of a challenging place she’s found herself in. On occasion, she’s spoken up about social issues, but was usually criticized for her views when she did.

As someone who was already very careful about her image, this was a bit much to bear. Once you become a superstar who gets criticized for not saying anything and then criticized more after speaking up, you have no choice but to withhold talking to the media.

It’s even more complicated than this, however. She’s also into creating inaccessibility and mystery so her music and art can speak for itself. Bey has cited Nina Simone for this and how the latter’s music was usually tainted when something about her personal life hit newspapers.

Can Beyoncé keep this media silence going for the rest of her career? Or will she have to say something when all the myths about her careen out of control?

Journalists will probably still try to woo Beyoncé into doing a new interview

Four years ago was the last time Bey did an in-depth interview (for Vogue). Even with this, she put a lot of emphasis into controlling every aspect of how the magazine portrayed her.

Nowadays, Bey lets her publicist (Yvette Noel-Schure) talk for her in explaining why her client no longer does interviews. Noel-Schure’s stance is that artists don’t ever owe journalists an interview, unlike politicians. She makes a compelling argument there, and you can almost hear Beyoncé saying the same thing.

The problem they may not realize is Bey is very vulnerable now toward wrongheaded stories developing, many of which take a life of their own. One of the biggest ones is the rumors about her being a part of the Illuminati after she married Jay-Z. Considering some of her videos have had some strange symbolism of late, you can see how such rumors can quickly snowball.

How will Beyoncé handle this in the future? Will her music be able to answer to the rumors?

Her new ‘Lion King’ album already brings more positive vibes

Perhaps Beyoncé is already concerned about some fans thinking she’s powerful enough to head a secret society ruling the world. Yes, the jury’s still out on whether an Illuminati really exists, yet we doubt Beyoncé would want to be associated with anything similar.

Rather than address it in an interview, her answer might have been her involvement with the positive-minded remake of The Lion King. Bey’s work on the soundtrack is stellar, bringing back an old school Beyoncé many people missed where her voice is showcased in all its glory.

A message of inclusion is more what she’s really all about, something her new single Spirit brings in abundance with her daughter, Blue Ivy, joining the fray.

Only until too many people start thinking she’s a sun god from another planet will Beyoncé have to do more than an interview and probably a press conference.