The Relatable Reason Why Meghan Markle Found Kensington Palace to be ‘Claustrophobic’

Most people would do anything to live in a palace. For the majority of the population, this is only a dream, however, for Meghan Markle, living in Kensington Palace became a reality.

Although Meghan’s former Toronto home was pretty swanky, it is easy to assume that just about nothing can compare to a royal residence. Before they were married and for a short time after, Prince Harry and Meghan were residents of Nottingham Cottage, a small, cozy home on the palace grounds.

After their lavish wedding, there was speculation that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be moving into the spacious, multi-floor apartment directly next door to Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Many fans were surprised when it was announced that they would instead be moving about 40 miles away from London to Frogmore Cottage, located on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The main reason for their move was in order to give their new son Archie a quieter life away from the spotlight. It is also said that Meghan had another issue with Kensington — that she found it to be “claustrophobic.” What is the very relatable reason as to why?

Kensington Palace is in a high-profile location

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

There are six entrances to Kensington Palace, but we must remember that it is located in an area that is full of tourists and photographers. Thousands of people visit the palace each day, most of whom would love to catch a glimpse of one of the royal family members coming or going. Those who live there have virtually no privacy.

They can’t just step outside the way the rest of us can without running the risk of being seen. In fact, Vanity Fair reports that when Kate Middleton was recently spotted outside of the palace, flashbulbs began going off like crazy. This is exactly what Meghan and Harry were trying to escape.

Meghan has a large circle of close friends

Even before she ever met Prince Harry, Meghan had a pretty large number of friends, most of whom she is still tight with after joining the royal family.

According to Town & Country, she has relationships with her former co-stars from the legal drama Suits, as well as many people that she has been close with for years. Since moving to England, her friends have come to visit on several occasions.

It would appear as if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex really enjoy entertaining, and Observer can report that they used to throw wonderful parties when they were still living at the palace. There are some residents of Kensington Palace who miss having them there.

Harry and Meghan relocate to Frogmore Cottage

Shortly before the birth of Archie Harrison, Meghan and Harry packed up and left Nottingham Cottage in favor of the newly renovated 10-bedroom home that they currently reside in.

The home offers much more privacy, and The Week reports that the renovations, which cost more than $2 million, are nothing less than spectacular. Meghan and Harry are enjoying a yoga room, floating floors, and an upgraded gourmet kitchen.

Why did Meghan find Kensington Palace to be claustrophobic?

They have only been living at Frogmore Cottage for a few months, but there are reports that Meghan loves being there.

According to Us Weekly, the duchess finds it to be a much simpler place to live, since having friends over at Kensington was difficult.

With Nottingham Cottage being just over 1300 square feet, it felt closed-in and claustrophobic for Meghan, Harry, and their visitors. They are happy to have significantly more space at their new home, and hare thrilled with the way things are going.